Qt3's Xbox Live gamertags, PSN names, Wii friends codes, Battlenet names!

Hmm , we had an even older list before the one linked above.

oldlink https://creator.zoho.com/monofurioso/qt3-gamer-tags/#View:Qt3_Gamer_Tag_Input_Form_View

Hey all, added my friend codes and usernames to that list (I’m mostly kerzain everywhere, except Nintendo’s friend code which I also added). Feel free to add me even if you don’t play multiplayer, co-op, or online. I’d like to have more names on my friends lists even if just to compare leaderboard scores, achievements, and other stuff like that with. Especially for games (or mini-competitions) under active discussion on Qt3.

I had a lot of fun about ten years ago when a bunch of us here participated in a Pac-Man CE challenge on the 360. You can see the challenge thread here:

I would like to do more stuff like this for modern games, but the only person on my friend’s list besides my wife hasn’t posted here since 2014.

But even if you don’t want to participate in these types of things, I still wouldn’t mind having more names on my friend’s lists to make my gaming time seem less isolated to a certain extent.

I also just noticed I have a couple followers from here on Xbox One (I haven’t used the social functions in four or five years or so, not since friending people either here or Broken Forum so I could give away Diablo 3 loot caches, so I never saw them). I just followed back, so now we’re “friends.”

Anyway, this is me trying to be social.

For the Steam field, I’d recommend using your Steam Friend Code found under [your Steam name] > FRIENDS > ‘Add a Friend’ in the Steam client.

Huh, never knew there were Steam friend codes.

Sent you a Steam friend invite. :)

They didn’t exist when the spreadsheet was created.

Added you. Now to take an overly investigative look at your Xbox achievements…

I added myself to that list. I’m either Rock8mnky or Rock8man everywhere, I tried looking up which I was where, and I think I got it right. Sent invites to Kerzain in Steam and Xbox Live.

Well that explains why I have kerzain* as a follower now. Yeeeessss, gather, my minions! When we strike they won’t know what hit them!

  • it is slightly interesting that autocorrect tries to turn “kerzain” into “jet sim”.

Man, I was this close to becoming Jet Li.

I’ve added you as well (not Je Li, sorry)

Cool thread! I think the only games I’ve played multiplayer (in the last 10 years) are the multiplayer mod for Euro Track Simulator 2 (which I no longer have enough DLC to continue playing), Homeworld Remastered (which I am burned out on) and LOTRO (ditto).

Is there a quick way to list multiplayer-capable games in the Steam library?

Sometimes my 2.6 year old son tries to wrestle controller from my hands when he feels I’m not giving him enough attention. And some random stuff happens while he’s pushing buttons.

I like how you found the result of one of those random actions and commented on it in my Xbox feed. Kudos! :)

I was just blown away at how effortless you made the game look. It deserved appreciation.

Hmm - another thread brought me here. My PS4/5 username is slow__hand fwiw.

Is the list loading for anyone else? The one in the OP?

Nope. It looks like it is, and then I just get a white screen. Tried two different browsers.

Work for me in Firefox.

11-10-2021 11-45-32 AM

White screen in Edge Chromium.

The page breaks here, on the append

if (!ZCGlobal.isMobileLayout) {
  var Y = $("<div class='zc-reportheader-tooltip'></div>");

Doesn’t work for me in Firefox or Edge.

I’m Doommunky2000 on Xbox, Doommunky elsewhere.

Add me on Xbox! I want to see your names while driving through cactus in Forza 5. :smacktus! 1000pts: