Qt3's Xbox Live gamertags, PSN names, Wii friends codes, Battlenet names!

PSN ID : Fersis

Tom, maybe you want to stick the link in the OP? Everyone can just add themselves. Let me know if there’s a double entry that needs deletion. I’ll also be happy to pass along admin rights to anyone else if they create a free account over at Zoho.

Arioch: I deleted your double entry.

The neat bit, is that you can also export the data in a number of ways. If any more enterprising forum members actually want to make their own custom app, they can just pull the data out and import it into their own framework.

Added my data. Not like I’d expect anyone to use the Wii codes due to the retarded setup of the verification.


Here’s the Wiipository thread with the Wii codes, although I believe you can only use them for swapping Miis and sending messages.

Is there a vbulletin plugin that could handle this?

Hey Tom, as mono said, that thing’s wide open right now. That’s A Bad Idea. We all love each other or whatever, but eventually someone will screw it up—accidentally at best. Maybe leave it open for a week or so to make everyone do the initial heavy lifting of entering their own data, but it really needs to be locked down to only Tom (or a couple trusted volunteers) with access.

Hey mono, he already put the link in the OP.

It can be locked down at any time; let’s give it a week?
It can also be set to allow new entries only, no editing, but we’ll need a few designated maintainers.

I’m periodically exporting the data ( I think anyone can do this ) so if it gets Internet pwned, I can at least recreate it based on the most recent export.

If anyone wants admin rights, create a free account at the site and provide me with the email you used. I’ll add you as an app ‘developer’.

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Yes, I would think there is. Other forums have it going.

Actually it’s easy to add additional user profile fields like the standard “location” field with no plugin required.

You can even display the entire gamertag over to the left below your name in an iframe without a plugin, although that would look pretty gaudy.

Xbox Live gamertags are case-insensitive. VBulletin nicks also, I’m sure. So nobody can occupy too similar tags to yours :)

This site needs a page like that Zoho list integrated with the Qt3 userlist.

Xbox Live = epicwinman

I just had a really bad idea, so I added a data field called Gamer Pic. If you add, or edit, your entry, you can paste an URL to a hosted image of yourself or your ‘gamer avatar’ if you have one.

That said, I’m pretty much gonna remove the field if I start seeing penises, dragons having sex with cars, etc. It’ll also get nuked if folks take it upon themselves to start uploading pics for other forum members. Let’s try to keep it friendly & work safe.

testing, ignore this

Wii: 1660 9416 1251 9348
360: senza occhi

I’m in the Schmidt list and the Wiipository but I’ve changed my name since then. sara tonin -> Leah C.

testing again

testing profile fields

Gamer tag profile fields are probably a much simpler and more elegant idea for the intended purpose.

Nevermind, clutter is no good.

I gleefully entered my info only to find out I was already in there.