Quadcopters, drones, and other RC fun


Absolutely. It’s just been too cold to fly lately. Waiting for a nice Colorado 60 degree winter day to take some mountain footage.


Stupid question: you just mean it’s too cold for your comfort, or does temperature literally affect the quadcopters?


Both, actually. It’s not rated to operate under freezing (32 degrees F).


Loving my Mavic!

Pardon the Facebook link, but check out this 360-degree photo I shot with mine. (26 photos stitched together.)

Facebook link, double-click the pic to make it larger and use your mouse to scroll if you’re not on mobile

That was my first try, and I didn’t have time to do any editing on the photo to fix the color balance, etc. Anxious to give it another try soon when weather allows!

BTW, Vesper, according to the DJI guys over RCGroups, you can fly in colder weather as long as it’s relatively dry and you keep the drone (specifically, the battery) warm before you fly. If there’s extreme cold you could have other issues like brittle props. Some info and links in this thread on the Phantom.

It was about 30 degrees when I shot the 360 above, no issues.


Man that 360 pic is awesome!


That’s really baller Denny, nice job!

New today:

Please keep me in mind if you find anyone with a Fly More package in stock, I am not going to prepay on Newegg or whore myself on Ebay. When it’s in stock some where I will get one.


No Christmas miracle for me, still waiting!


Anyone get new drones for the holidays? If you want to start howling use Twitter search for tweets with"lost drone"


“You actually can fly within 5 miles of most airports; you just have to call the tower first and alert them of your location, and you may have to fly lower to be safe. It’s 1.5 miles that’s the hardcore no-fly zone.”

You have no clue how annoying it is to be CiC/WS/dude in charge and get tons of phone calls about drones that we’d never otherwise give a crap about.

Not saying to not call, but…

Happy UASing. :D


Hilarious. The most common seems to be “flew too high and it took off. We lost it”. Too bad they don’t list the make / model of the drone! Probably some interesting data about that.


My son got a toy drone and I went to do a little research on it, ended up amusing myself reading all the 1 star reviews. I am not one for schadenfreude, and I too would leave a one star review if it happened to me, but holy shit are they hilarious in aggregate.


We got a toy drone for xmas. Small little Chinese thing with a range of only 300ft, and a small battery (600maH or whatever the units are), so it lasts a whopping 10min. Interestingly, it does have a video camera on it. It is a lot of fun, even if not one of the beastly real drones.


Oh, and no thanks for posting this. I really don’t need to drop $1k+ on a drone and you are not making that easy.


I am shocked and saddened by the sheer volume of people who believe in all seriousness that their $50 drone will continue to climb, reaching outer space, after it exceeds the 20m transmission range cutoff.

But I will let you all in on a little secret: I had so much fun howling at some of these posts that I started a new twitter account to retweet the best, and worst. If you care to see it, it’s:


Still no shipping :(


Shipped! Now to find a Go Professional Case in stock somewhere!


FPV time!

Bargain basement jobby Eachine E010, canopy removed with a Eachine TX01 camera soldered onto the existing battery pads and props chopped down to two blade.

Holiday sale prices were on offer so the 'copter was $18!

It flies! And worked with the headset I got with a minimum of fuss. Not a lot of options on these quads. Only one flight mode, auto-flips and headless modes. Slow and sedate would be the best way to describe its flight characteristics, but should be very good for tooling around the house to get used to FPV (which is a bit harder than anticipated).

Not helped by the rather average TX unit these things ship with.

Note the hack job to get some reach on the sticks for finer control. It’s still fairly average as I don’t think there is all that much resolution on the sticks. Control is…squirrely, even for a slow quad.

I need to get it bound to my Turnigy 9XR-PRO with the muti-protocol adapter in it. Apparently it should work, but I had not been able to get it to work with any of my quads. Until I had a gander today. Thought I may have botched a solder job that allows protocol selection from the TX menu (rather than having to rotate a dial). Think it may have been the fact I did not have the dial in the correct ‘default’ position as there is a teeny tiny arrow on the dial that was at 180 degrees to where is needed to be. After moving that to position and reassembling I managed to get it bound to my NanoQX 3D, so I at least know it works. Can’t get it to bind to the e010 or any others yet, but I barely know what I am doing.

I can report, however, that flying the NanoQX with a proper TX (even the budget Turnigy) compared to the OEM unit is like chalk and cheese. So much better control and so much easier to pilot.


Scale shot for reference! These things are adorable!


Interesting @sharaleo, which adapter do you have in your transmitter that makes it compatible with the quad? Also which headset did you buy?

I like the thought of getting a low end practice unit.


In somewhat drone-related news: