Quake 1 Under WinXP?

Is there any patch or mod or something that let you run the original Quake under WinXP? All the Quake 4 talk has made me kind of nostalgic and the last time I tried to get it to run I just gave up. I’d be especially interested in something that lets you play co-op ovet a TCP/IP network.


From something slightly different, try the Tenebrae engine mod - very very cool, works nicely under XP.

The Winquake (for software) and the Glquake (for 3d) executables will allow you to run Quake in Windows XP. Depending on your version you may also need to patch to 1.08.

Instructions (follow the directions to run GLquake with non 3dfx cards) and links are here:

If the links are dead, all necessery quake files can be found here;

From something slightly different, try the Tenebrae engine mod - very very cool, works nicely under XP.

This is very cool indeed, highly recommended.

Holy shit check out the screenies for Tenebrea mod


FYI: The programmer of Tenebrae now works for Splash Damage and is hard at work at Enemy Territory: Quake Wars.

I’ll chime in with my support for Tenabrae. I replayed Q1 about 6 months ago using the Tenebrae mod. Quite a nice facelift.

That’s outstanding news, thanks Matthew. I really enjoyed replaying Quake through Tenebrae, it’s nice to see the guy get rewarded for his hard work.

How smoothly did it run for you? I remember catching wind of this awhile back when it was in early beta and it didn’t run so hot on my machine as I recall.

I had no real problems with it that I can remember.

I guess then that we’re not going to be seeing Tenebrae2 anytime soon?

Pretty well, but I was running an Athlon FX-53 and a 6800GT at the time.

Oh, and almost forgot. An excellent Q1 eyecandy port for Win32: Fuhquake.


Now that I think about it, I believe I played the Tenebrae single player mod, a few custom levels showing off the effects, but I played the original Q1 campaign w/ Fuhquake.

Seeing as how most of the files in CVS are over 2 years old, I’d fathom that’s a “no”

Some of the links in this thread are funny. WinQuake, GLQuake, etc, 99% of the people who still play Q1 use QW clients and servers. I recommend http://ezquake.sourceforge.net/ sure it’s not as pretty as Tenebrae, but it doesn’t look that bad if you upgrade the graphics in it. The amount of customizability in EZQuake is insane though. You can pretty much change all the map textures, models, sounds, and even totally rearrange your HUD. EZQ will play single player fine, and it comes with extensive documentation.

If you want to play QW TDM hit up http://qw.fragzone.com/eql/ if you live in EU, or http://www.quakeworld.us/?a=home&tourney_id=1 if you live in NA. EU QW TDM community still has like ~70 teams, and their EQL tourney has them sorted into 5 skill divisions which is really good for close matches. Check out one of the stats links on the QW.us site like this one is pretty interesting, http://www.quakeworld.us/?a=detailsGame&tourney_id=1&match_id=81&game_id=13. Biggest QW IRC channel is #quakeworld on Quakenet. All seeing eye works good with QW, but EZQuake has a built in server browser that works better than any I’ve ever seen in a FPS(practically on par with ASE for basic usage).

I PM’D SolomonGrundy about QW stuff a while ago, and he even said he was going to hunt me down and play, but he never did. :( QW TDM is as fun as ever but the skill level is probably much too high unless you are very dedicated, or just very good at FPS games. Mostly people play DM/CA/TF, CTF is fairly dead but it should pickup again when EU runs a tourney for it. Last year two NA teams competed over there with ~100ms pings and did very well. Anyhow, I have been playing QW for a few years now(started in 2001), so if anyone has any Q1/QW questions I will do my best to help.

Fuhquake was pretty much the standard client for eye-candy QW by the time I stopped playing. There was some good dev work going on in that community, not least my old housemate’s multi-view demo viewer (all 4 views from a team on the same screen) which I think got merged into bigger and better things…

Download an EQuake Installer, pick the “full” option and you’ll be ready to go. Get your resolution settings and pop those in to ASE and hop in a game. I play on “Nobodys Alternative” servers, you should already have all the maps. Here’s a mirror for Equake, as quakeworld.nu has been down for a bit.


EZQuake is nice, and you can always install it later or modify your fuh settings to your hearts content. The EQuake package is just a really slick way to get up and running in a short time.

Have fun getting your ass kicked for a while by all the regulars, it’s really tough to get back into this game ;)

Knock knock?

There may be a better Quake 1 related thread, but here we are…

I installed quakespasm and dropped in my MP3 rip of the original Quake CD soundtrack by Trent Reznor. I’ve fired up Quake now and again with new engine ports, but It’s been sooooo long since I remembered to include the soundtrack for music and ambience as well. So good. Drop tracks 2 through 11 labeled as track02.mp3, track03.mp3 etc in a music subdirectory of the ID1 folder and you’re good to go. It supports .ogg sound files as well. If you have a vanilla Quake folder on your system (which you must, naturally), just take a few minutes to fire it up.


I’ve never played Quake with the original soundtrack. I should look into your newsletter mono.

I played the demo (I think you could buy it for like $5 at computer stores) with the original Reznor music but never the entire game. Can’t remember if the Steam version even has any music at all. Certainly it wasn’t memorable.

The Steam (or any downloadable version) doesn’t include the Reznor soundtrack. I believe there have been rights issues in the intervening years, so you can’t get the original soundtrack any longer. That said, the Internet has everything.

The quake sound track is available on vinyl if your into that sort of thing.

I listened to the first two tracks on Youtube last night. Wow, that sounds amazing. That would add so much to the feel of the game. Unfortunately, I couldn’t figure how to start Quakespasm or install it. It doesn’t seem to come with any instructions. The readme is pretty bare. When I put in a subdirectory in Quake’s Steam folder and tried to start the executable, Windows stopped me from running it.