Quake 2 on DS:


Damn, my favouritest Quake.

I am so trying this out.

They are extremely insane.

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There’s also a GameCube port in the works, for those who are into that sort of thing.
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Ok, well it works. Rather slow though. Playable, but only just. I’ll be keeping it around just to go “Look! Quake 2!” to people.

It seemed pretty fluid when I checked YouTube for some footage…

The main issue is that loading sounds off the card causes a 0.5 sec freeze when they are played for the first time.

From the linked page, it seems to depend greatly on the speed of your external RAM card (which it uses to play).

IIRC Quake 2 also delays some model loads until just when need them, causing a jitter during gameplay as the game allocates memory and loads in the file. This can be seen in demo 2 just before the first use of the railgun.