Quake 4 details

So sounds like this could be what doom 3 should have been.

  • Quake 4 is a direct sequel to Quake 2, takes place just hours after the event of that game.
  • During most of the game, you are fighting with other marines, however there will be solo missions.
  • Some missions take place inside, others outside. You’ll get to use vehicles at times.
  • You’re part of a military campaign attacking the Strogg homeworld.
  • Returning weapons so far: blaster, machine gun, nailgun, shotgun.
  • Multiplayer: “The multiplayer experience is more akin to Quake III: Arena”, no vehicles.
  • “With Doom 3 it was horror. With Quake IV, it’s war.”


So what you’re saying is Doom 3 should have been Quake 4 and Quake 4 should be Quake 4 too? Should the next Wolfenstein game also be Quake 4?

Doom 3 should have been run and gun, with awesome Bobby Prince music. BUT NO they had to make it a shitty pretend horror game.

<Insert obligatory engine-not-game comment here>

(I’d really like to make the comment myself, but that would be, what, the 150th, 160th time on these boards that somebody made it?)

Well, I’m glad to hear the blaster is returning. It was a very important weapon for the first 30 seconds of Quake 2, after which it became a flashlight. :)

So sounds like this could be what doom 3 should have been.

Quake 4 is Painkiller?

Nah. The real function of the blaster was to cripple anal-retentive people like me who want to hoard every possible bit of ammunition.

<Insert retaliatory comment about how Raven is making the game, not Id>

I liked the atmosphere, story, etc. around Quake 2. If the game balance hadn’t so heavily favored balanced multiplayer (read: every weapon took the same amount of effort to kill most bad guys) it would have been a single-player game for the ages, especially with Sonic Mayhem’s soundtrack.

OK, I’m easily amused. I admit it.

It’s gonna be cold… it’s gonna be dark… and it’s gonna last you the rest. Of your. Life.

“The multiplayer experience is more akin to Quake III: Arena”

Oh, awesome. Thanks for posting this, you just saved me fifty bucks.

/double-clicks q3 icon

railgun not confirmed to return yet? great! no, really i hate that thing. :D worse thing that ever happened to quake.

Less multiplayer mayhem.

More co-op.

More single player.


QW4TF please. Because we all know that Valve sure as shit won’t do it.

God I hope not. I’d prefer a fun game! :P

It is terrifying to see Gallant’s hair trigger defense of Doom 3 still going strong in every Doom 3 thread. Do they pay you by the defensive post?


Don’t worry… you’re still getting paid more per offensive post.

I suppose I can’t make any posts about Doom 3 again without triggering your whatever you are doing here. I guess I’ll have to take the risk, though in the future maybe you could give a warning about which games I’ll have to endure your special brand of tenacious and charming ridicule for the crime of arguing for instead of against.

P.S. I don’t know why you haven’t mentioned that I’m due for a post in the “Why Doom 3 Sucks” thread-- even though you’ve made several other scathing and insightful posts in it-- but you should have by now. If you really want to make me look like a total blithering idiot, you know. Just trying to help you make me look like an ass for posting about Doom 3. Let’s be honest; you need it. Here, I’ll suggest some copy for your post:

“I can’t believe Gallant hasn’t posted in this thread yet! John Carmack must be running out of money. But that’s impossible. They must be dissatisfied with his work and have let him go. Poor Gallant, reduced to defending Doom 3 on his own dime.”

Go “help” someone else, Brian.

Hey, you have to give these things time you know. Games/mods just don’t grow on trees. Your asking Valve to walk and chew gum at the same time. Once HL2 is done, they’ll start on TF. Well, after they make TFC:Source.