Quake Enhanced from Machine Games and Nightdive

I mean… in my case, it’s more my interest in specific types of gameplay, more than the low poly graphics. I would prefer a better looking Dusk, for example.

Let’s try this again. You said that Doom not really being 3D had some gameplay implications, one of which was that you didn’t need to aim vertically. No. Not needing to aim vertically had nothing to do with Doom not really being 3D. There’s nothing inherent to Doom’s engine that prevents vertical aiming. It auto-aimed vertically for players because of a limitation of the controls, not the renderer or anything else.

No it was also the rendering looking wonky. Happened in Duke too.

I think if you look around, you’re both right. Pretty sure some one at id is on record saying the controls were simplified that way for DOOM, but also, if you’ve ever played Duke 3D with mouselook, it’s easy to see why they didn’t include it. It does look odd.

I don’t get the nostalgia thing. When it comes to pixel art game popularity I figured it was all the millenials growing up on Nintendos, while I was playing PC games. But I don’t have any particular impulse to play a retro-modern version of games I loved as a child like Dragon Wars or Ultima 5, and I don’t have any impulse to play retro-modern early 3D games either. Early 3D games looked terrible, at least the 2D pixel art stuff is sharp and palatable.

Now would I love a modern-modern game inspired by Dragon Wars? Hells yes! But they’re rare and far between-- M&M 10 was awesome. More of that, please.

I’m starting to remember what drove me crazy about some of these levels. I’ve been all around the low gravity secret level a dozen times now, trying to shoot at every wall to somehow find the two secrets in that level. I can even see an area that’s closed with some nine inch nails on display in that room. But I can’t find out how to open the area. Up to now the secrets haven’t been too terribly hard to find, but this one has me completely stumped.

Terminator Future Shock predated both Duke and Quake and had full 3d mouselook. Duke even called it Terminator Future Shock style in the options or readme IIRC. Also wasn’t Quake set that as default you had to hold a button to mouselook or maybe that was just in the early techdemos released of it, but I kind of remember it was an option you had to enable to have freelook on at all times.

Yes, Terminator Future Shock was real 3D, not 2.5D, and had mouselook in 1995, a full year before Quake. It wasn’t a bad little game either, I played it then-- but it certainly wasn’t Quake. It was 3D, but incredibly fugly, and lots of doodads in the world were sprites.

Then Quake came along with GLQuake and Quakeworld.

Here’s Quake in 13kb of JavaScript haha.

Meanwhile I just downloaded an 18 GB patch for a 20 GB game.

Holy crap. Horde mode added!

That’s awesome, because I like this way better than all the retro-shooters I’ve tried. So more content? Hell yes.

While randomly noodling around a Commander Keen collection I stumbled on this, and found it amusing. It touches on Quake’s origins as an RPG and an offshoot of the Id guys’ D&D campaigns, I gather. It goes on for a bit longer but this is the gist.

I’m not sure how this announcement relates to the timeline of Wolfenstein and Doom, or when this particular missive was written.

I’m glad the industry moved away from chunking around the screen.

There’s a decent Making of Quake series of articles on Shacknews that mentions that as well.

So Quake was the name of your character?

Huh. Unexpected.

It’s funny to me now how much the id shooters’ lack of story and groundedness in the real world and real narrative bothered me back when they came out. I really yearned for more story and more connectedness to real worlds and locations instead of abstractness provided by games back then. But now we’ve got all that coming out of our ears, there’s so much of it that going back to these more abstract “pure” shooters is a relief.

Sure, this is actually pretty well-known. Romero wanted to make a RPG.

I think this is why Half Life knocked people’s socks off at the time. But yeah, time and taste are a pendulum…

I’d read about it in Masters of Doom, but it was fun to see the actual promo blurb.

Indeed, I read it too!

I actually attended the DOOM 2 launch party at the NYC Limelight they discuss in the book, I was one of the kids invited to wear DOOM t-shirts and play the game.

Long-ass time ago.