Quake II's lighting goes up to eleven for 2019

Title Quake II's lighting goes up to eleven for 2019
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in News
When May 28, 2019

For many old school gamers, Quake II’s colored lighting was their introduction to to the pixel-pushing power of a dedicated graphics card…

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I’ve an RTX 2080 Ti, so I’m very excited to try this.

Unless I have terrible nostalgia goggles, I feel like that “RTX off” is worse looking than the original.

Also Quake 2 is the worst looking of all the Quakes. Fight me!

One thing is all the advances you can do with lighting and reflections, but it seems like they also increased brightness by 2080%?

That trailer reminded me of Unreal, in a pleasant, nostalgic way.

Huh, I thought it was Tomb Raider that sold a ton of Monster 3D cards. Well, did for me anyway. And google tells me they both released in 1997! So I guess that was a pretty effective 1-2 punch.

It was Wing Commander Prophecy (also a 1997 release) that had me pester my elder brothers into getting 3D cards. (As a recent college graduate, I was too poor to own a computer).

I hope this release has good controller support.

Think Wing Commander Prophecy was also one of a few retail games that came pre-loaded with Win95.CIH virus also.

I always liked The Rendition Veritie more than 3dfx, the NV1 chip was also good fun for playing Virtua Fighter and a few other ports from the arcades.

My first PC was a Gateway P2 233 and a Riva128 i bought to play Quake 2, which when tweaked within an inch of its life would offer very competitive framerates compared with the Voodoos and others of its time. It’s the only one with a family line leading to todays PCs too. All the others a just memories now.

Edit: oh ATI were about then, with the ATI Rage. I forgot about that.

So anybody try it out yet? I have a Haswell i5 4440, 16 GB RAM, and an RTX 2060, and the framerate is just brutal.

4K - 13 fps
1440 - 28 fps
1080 - 48 fps

Maybe not the most amazing demo for RTX card performance, but it is cool stuff and I’m glad they put it together.

For comparison’s sake…

OpenGL 4K - 1001 fps

And I actually uh…prefer the look of the OpenGL renderer I think.

edit -

Well after messing around with it some more and using my 1080p monitor since that resolution looks awful on my 4K screen, I’ve decided that I like it and it looks quite impressive. On the recommended settings for a 2060, it hovers around 60 fps. I’ve made it to Unit 4 so far and I’m having a blast.