Quake IV Screenshots



They look good. They also look like Doom 3. After Half-Life 2’s wide-open spaces, I’m not quite ready to go back to cramped corridors again.

But of course I’ll buy it and most likely enjoy it given Raven’s track record. So I’ll just shut up now.

Hopefully you are right and they make it more fun than Doom 3 with the same engine. But a little birdie told me that many of the developers that used to work there have left for different companies…

There was a preview in PC Gamer a while back where they mentioned larger outdoor areas, including some vehicle sequences in tanks and aircraft.

They actually don’t look that impressive after such titles as Doom 3, Half-Life 2, Far Cry, and Riddick have all hit our shelves. Now if this came out a few months ago, it’d be worthy of some more attention…

Looks exactly the same as Doom 3 if you ask me…

Hopefully these screens won’t be representative of the final game. I’m very disappointed to see small, claustrophobic corridors and only a few models on the screen at the same time. The Doom 3 style of “1-on-1 battles inside of a soup can” gameplay just isn’t fun. I thought I’d read that Quake 4 was supposed to be more epic? Something along the lines of Call of Duty: Quake.

Poor Doom 3 engine:(

It hasn’t even been licensed outside of id developed/produced games, has it?

3D Realms has licensed it for Prey.

Like Unreal in its debut, it is simply ahead of its time.

Give it two years.


Agreed. I need something more than “Dark corridor with monster” for it to get any more of my attention…

Nope, Unreal looked cool and exciting on release.

I think he means the engine, not the game itself.

I think the problem is that Doom and Quake are just too damn similar. They need to find a license for it that can show some of the flexibility. If not by licensing it out to someone else, then getting to work on a new Wolfenstein or a new franchise.

In two years, we’ll be playing Unreal 3 powered games, won’t we?

Agreed. I need something more than “Dark corridor with monster” for it to get any more of my attention…[/quote]
You mean the long awaited continuation of the Quake mythos isn’t a big draw?


It had been so long since I heard anything about Quake IV, I was somewhat interested, until I read the word “Stroggos.”


Why are they calling this Quake IV, when part three was such a major departure from the other two games? They should just drop the number next to the title like Thief and Prince of Persia did.

La la la laaa
La la la laaa
Clap clap - Clap clap

Deep in the heart of Stroggos!

It sounds “Intense™”

After destroying the Strogg’s collective brain and leader – the Makron – the Strogg have quickly regrouped under a new and more powerful Makron

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