Quake Wars beta

…is available for NEW fileplanet subscribers only. Even if you already have a FP account or a Pre-order key… Nope, not good enough. You’ll have to purchase ANOTHER, ANNUAL FP account to get in.

I didn’t think Fileplanet could get worse, but it certainly just did.

This initial stage of the beta is an extremely limited rollout. Assuming everything goes smoothly, current subscribers will have a chance to get into the beta later this week (which, admittedly, isn’t explained that well on FP).

Even though Anti-Bunny is wrong, the truth is still ridiculous. Placing new subscribers above your existing subscriber base in terms of access might be good for a short-term bump in subscriber numbers, but it is a horrible thing to do in the long run.

Damn. I was almost tempted to subscribe now.

Shitty deal they did there though. I remember signing up for Fileplanet to play the AC2 beta way back in… 2001?. Turns out that having people pay for a beta was perhaps not the best idea to beta the game – considering how it turned out.

Cancelled my subscription to Fileplanet after they included some software in the demos to ‘keep track of stuff’.

In other news, how the HELL did Quake wars get a Teen rating?

You might want to stay out of this thread.

I think I’d have to have some kind of complete mental break down before I’d subscribe to any Gamespy service. I know it’s history, but all the crap they pulled when starting out left a sour taste in my mouth and I have never been tempted enough to take a mouthful of sweet gaming goodness to nullify it.

I’d never consider paying for fileplanet either, but that’s a whole different discussion and one that we’ve had out here many times over. This is entirely different; they’re screwing over their customers, who already bought the kool-aid. It’s totally indefensible.

It’s not just “new subscribers”. You have to shell out for an annual FP subscribers (not the monthly or quarterly plan) or Founders Club (the more expensive, all-included IGN pass).

It is really reprehensible considering they never mentioned anything like that in their pages - having a sub gets you into FP-exclusive betas is what they say. Not, “having a sub gets you in but not all of them unless you hand us $60 right now”.

Why is FP even around still? Torrent was designed to eliminate crap like this.

Stusser, Sal doesn’t work for Fileplanet. What you decided to write off as “bullshit justifications for evil” – hysterical much? – was an attempt to elaborate on something that wasn’t clear from the original post.

Go be a dick to someone who deserves it. In other words, if someone should stay out of the thread, it’s dipshits with a misplaced sense of righteous indignation.


Obviously it’s about making Gamespy money. Oh noes, evil capitalism FTL. :( I think it will hurt them long run if they get a reputation for bait and switch (Okay, pay for our service, get into baits… wait we lied, not all the betas). I think they’ll be printing money hats off of this one though. There hasn’t really been a good quake-styled multiplayer shooter, since, well Quake 3. A lot of people will do anything to get their hands on the beta so I’m sure it will seem reasonable enough to them. Hell, I’d pay a good deal more than that to get into another beta right now…

If you understood the fundamental difference between Bittorrent and a file server, you wouldn’t say such silly things.

Sorry, thought he worked for GSI. My apologies. I stand by the righteous indignation, it just found the wrong target.

Edit: Wait a minute, he does work for GSI. I guess you could say that it wasn’t his decision, which is true enough, but it’s still an indefensible position.

You’re going to have to explain it to us. I think it would be trivial for Splash Damage to host a torrent and do their own beta-key management. The only logical explanation I can see is GSI is paying activision for this, or giving them some other kind of special considerations, and probably had a contract for it worked out a long time ago.

I hope that isn’t how it works, but it certainly appears that way.

You guess?

Sal is an editor for Gamespy’s PC editorial content, which has absolutely fuck-all to do with whatever unholy alliance has been formed among Fileplanet, Activision, Splash Damage, id and whomever else is party to the “evil” for which he is offering “bullshit justifications” by explaining there is a difference between the initial rollout and the rest of the beta.


Just to be clear, I have nothing to do with Fileplanet biz decisions, and wasn’t trying to defend anything. I was simply trying to clarify a point about the beta.

We now return to our previously scheduled ranting, already in progress.

Tom, don’t you have a column with Gamespy? You’re bias too.

The particular download being discussed in this thread does not constitute the entirety of Fileplanet.

If someone unaffiliated with GSI had tried to justify it in the same way, I’d jump on them too. It ain’t right.

Would you rather no one explained it?