Quakebells - a Qt3 Dwarf Fortress AAR

Quakebells the Quandry of Queens

The success game o’ doom has started! Seven brave dwarfs, (NoWayJose, Extarbags, Gary Whitta, Dirt, Bill Dungrossman, Rimbo and Tom Chick) have left the mountainhalls and struck out into the wastes, searching for a place to live and prosper.

Unfortunately, they have found themselves on a blasted wasteland. Extarbags likes it though, there are no funny smells! Unless you count ice. Many many miles of a ice, snow and rock.

Leader Tom Chick has declared that there be certain rules at Quakebells. These rules are probably the reason the seven dwarfs were kicked out of the mountains in the first place.

  1. All building to be above ground. Strip mining for rock and ores is permissible. Farms underground are permissible.

  2. There is to be a yearly sacrifice of a dwarf to the ancient gods. The dwarf is to die in the most amusing way possible to appease the ancient gods. The original seven are exempt from execution. Of course. Executions take place in winter, to ensure the return of spring!

  3. Ego-projects are encouraged.

  4. Play for a year and then pass on.

  5. Mayday Green tileset is being used by me, I suggest it for others for consistency.

  6. Dwarf Manager - inside the mayday install (run it after DF is loaded) is a super way of dealing with lots of dwarfs. I encourage its use.


  1. Calistas
  2. Morberis <-- playah
  3. Major Icehole
  4. Kalle
  5. Wisefoo
  6. EFG
  7. John_Danger
  8. ??? (sign up now!)


Well, this giant frozen craphole is going to be a real challenge. We’ve embarked with a lot of food and drink and a few dogs and cats. No anvil though, traders should provide them and I figure the crossbows we’ve brought instead are very much required early on!

Early days…

As we arrive the winter thaw ends and spring is sprung. Stockpiles are sorted out to move all goods centrally. The first building is roughly laid out.

Instead of posting screenshots, maybe you can just sort of describe the way things look by drawing with ascii.

(Direct link isn’t working :( )

Tom has something he’d like to tell us all. “Herbalist”? Yeah… right, that’s what the kids are calling it these days?!

It has begun!


Fortifications are complete - except with the arrival of winter, my natural lake border has frozen over! At least I have walls most places. The housing building is complete. It’s small, but it’s a start. Down stairs barracks and dining room. Upstairs, food and drink production along with an office for TomChick. Sometimes he can be found in here counting the stocks.

Bottom half

Top half

First floor

Under ground we have a couple of farm plots running. Above ground, we’re growing strawberries. To the north we have a big open pit where we’re digging out stone. Due to security issues it might be best to start digging tunnels for mines now.

Shit! Unicorns!

And also, I saw a giant eagle flapping about while I was working on my second level. Oh what fun my successors will have!

Human trade liaison turned up and is very interested in instruments. We had the traders visit, but with nothing to trade, they left empty handed.

Sounds like it might be a good time to invoke operation lava wall.

And then we got some bad news…

Looks like our miner got a bit too close to an aquifer, which as he mined into it, reached out, sucked him in and froze him to death, all in an instant.

We mourn the loss of NoWayJose, and if we ever get the guy un-frozen, we’ll be sure to give him a proper burial! Unfortunately, I don’t think we have any picks.

On the good news, I did put in an order for some iron anvils. Whoever comes next might want to get some crafts going for trade, as SPRING HAS COME!

(Will work out how to move the files on tomorrow, it’s bed time)

Signing up as treecutter! I suspect a low life expectancy, as I range far and wide in search of lumber. :)

Sorted! And I wish I knew why the imageshack direct links aren’t working.

I am hoping Morberis can provide some lessons in ice management!

Add me in please. I volunteer to fight the unicorns - I’ve always wanted a pony!

Oooh a challenge, if I don’t wall off NoWayJose’s body before the spring thaw the mine will flood. Possibly forcing me to enact operation magma mine to dry it up. And yes, all my plans involve magma in some way shape or form.

As soon as you upload the fortress and give me the link I can start on it, though I can’t promise that I won’t fall asleep within the next 2 hours. If you don’t have a site picked to upload to I’ve used Mediafire to great success and then there’s the Dwarf Fortress File Dump which I’ve never used but heard great things about.

Marcin I can’t promise anything but I’ll try not to leave you a burning hellhole populated by combusting cats and eyeless dwarves. Wait, no nevermind I take that back I’m specifically going to try to remove the eyes from at least some of my dwarves. I wonder if locking them up in chains in an archery range would work? Hmmm.

Ideas so far for Dwarf Sacrifices
-locked in a 1x1 room with a trap
-Dropped from a tower via a locked room with only a retracting bridge for a floor, the dwarf will fall onto an altar and hopefully explode.
-Drowning, possibly via a fall from the surface via a retracting bridge into a deep pit with the bottom filled with water.
-Burning, same as the drowning but the bottom is filled with either magma or some continuously burning fire. If via fire I’d need something that throws fireballs to ignite it, fire imp, and either booze, wood, or that rock that burns.
-Death by insanity, locked in solitary confinement in the center of the dining room, with the walls made of glass with windows installed.

And those are just off the top of my head, this is going to be fun.

These are always a disappointment because they aren’t as good as Boatmurder.

Bah that’s like saying the majority of comic books are going to be disappointing because they’re not to the same level as Watchmen, which I guess on some level is true. That doesn’t mean they don’t have their own merits that make them entertaining though.

So uhh… why are you fighting the unicorns?

Because their horns make excellent drinking horns as well as acting as a potent aphrodisiac and natural male enhancer.

To be honest though I have no idea about the aggressiveness of creatures in good biomes, never having played in one before.

Sign me up as an animal trainer. The fortress needs dogs. Tons of dogs.

Morberis - you’re up! http://www.mediafire.com/?xszycxjeuf0

Wait! I didn’t sign up to play the game - the graphics are too cutting-edge for my PC to handle. I want one of the dwarfies named after me - pretty please.

I’d have a go at this. Sounds fun. Put me in after Kalle.