QuakeCon 2005

So is there any news on what games (aside from Quake IV) they’re gonna be talking about? Maybe a new installment in Return to Castle Wolfenstein? More Quake Wars info? The new IP that Todd Hollenshead said id is working on?

Or are you thinking s]-[iT B@nErZ at another uninspired id creation?

I would imagine the next installment of Wolfenstein will be on display. They announced it a couple years ago…

Christ, I forgot all about that.

A WW2 shooter where you kill nazis?!

Bring it on!

You also kill zombies.

What exactly goes on at a Quakecon? I assume there’s got to be at least a little more to it than id, right? Are they still relevant enough to warrant a yearly 'con?

Well they’re most likely going to talk about at least three major titles (Quake IV, Quake Wars, and Wolfenstein). QuakeCon has certainly gone on with less.

Besides, it’s also a big LAN party with numerous sponsors.

I assume being the biggest event of its type qualifies as relevant. There’s over 6,500 people signed up this year. It may dangerous to your schadenfreude receptor glands to hear this, but a lot of people thought Doom 3, Quake III, etc. were good games, and what’s even more disturbing is they’re pretty much more right than the people who whine “suck suck suck monster closet tech demo”.

And no, there’s not much more to it than id game tournaments and the huge LAN, except for the sponsor booths and the HardOCP overclocking workshop.

This year, they’re running an Enemy Territory tournament with $50K purse, a Doom 3 deathmatch also for $50K, a Quake II deathmatch for $20K, and Ms. Quakecon, a ladies-only Quake III deathmatch for $30K.

Last year in the sponsor area nVidia had several games on display, as well as a computer-building race. Activision was there of course with a Call of Duty LAN “bunker” and a “beat Kornelia at Doom 3” booth. One dude got 2 points, I think. Other various hardware vendors are there hawking cases and motherboards and crap. Newegg and Intel will be there this year too.

Ah, Quakecon. I got to cover it two years and I think I had WAY more fun doing that than covering E3. Mainly because it was smaller and I got a chance to meet people, socialize with them, and party with them. I got to spend quality time interviewing and hanging out with the id guys, which would never have happened at any other kind of event.

Quakecon is mainly a huge LAN party with tournaments, but in the last few years they’ve been building out the trade/press show part of it with booths and displays from upcoming id and Activision games. Not sure about recently, but in the 2 years I went they also had panel discussions on things like getting into the games industry, level design, meet the mod-makers, et cetera. Again, relatively small groups where you can actually meet people and participate in discussions.

Really, a fantastic event. I sorely wish I could go.

Consumption (and sale) of illegal drugs seem to go way up as well. It’s gotta be a coincidence.

— Alan

Alright, I guess I just didn’t realize the community was still that big for it. Up till Doom 3, I was right there with them. I was always on id’s side in the Quake v. Unreal debates. I just figured things began to fizzle when the UT line kept going and Doom 3 had “Oh yeah, some multiplayer I guess.”

Dude that’s not really fair. Quake III is still being played fervently and Doom 3 wasn’t intended to compete in the MP arena. It’s like criticising The Shining for not having good illustrations.

Well… it didn’t.

— Alan