Quantum Break - Remedy, time-slips, and a TV soap opera

Shown first back in 2013 at the Xbox One reveal, this is Remedy’s post-Alan Wake game about a dude shooting stuff and using time-slips to shoot stuff in slow motion. Or something. Anyway, there’s a tie-in show with Littlefinger, a Hobbit, and Iceman in a “cross-media” thing.



It’s now coming to Windows 10. According to Remedy’s Twitter account, they’re doing the Win10 version.

Alan Wake for the 360 (BC on Xbox One) comes with Quantum Break. Pre-orders at retailers get Alan Wake’s American Nightmare (BC on Xbox One) as a bonus. Pre-orders of the digital version get the Win10 code for free as the bonus.

April 5th

Nice, now I just hope it is good. I love Max Payne and like Wake, for the most part. Those requirements seem kinda nonsensical though.

White Xbox One Quantum Break bundle announced.

Guess I’ll get this when I finally upgrade to Win10 this summer.

I really did enjoy Alan Wake , though its dlc was not good.

Hang on, Alan Wake and American Nightmare are already BC? Did we know this?

One of the big announcements is that if you pre-order the game on Xbox One, you’ll get a free copy of the game for Windows 10.

Yeah, the deal is pretty good. You get the Windows 10 version, and you also get Alan Wake. It’s a nice package.

Also, some previews:


And as a disclaimer, I work on the game.

So if you own Alan wake on the 360 you’ll get this game? Edit - nope, I’m probably just reading the info wrong. Bummer.

I have to say those early videos looked very generic/bland, but this latest batch of gameplay seems fun. I am up for another cool Max Payne-like with twisty time powers.
Btw how does the connection to TV show work ? If I buy the game digitally on Steam, it will include the TV episodes inside itself ? Or will I have to download that somewhere extra ? Or is it not part of the game ?

I am really glad it comes to PC. Remedy belongs on PC, I just hope my 970 will get me 60fps at least at the Xbone quality.

this is awesome this game looks amazing, pretty happy they decided to port it to pc as well. and it’s even coming out in 1 month only huh wow

The TV show is built into the experience like all the other storytelling mechanics (cinematics, emails etc.), and your choices within the game affects the flow of the show. So it comes as a part of the game.

i’ve read the show is about the villains and the game about the heroes

Ok that’s great. But then now I learned that apparently the only place to get the game on PC will be Windows Store ?
I don’t have any experience with it (I do have a lot of loathing for GFWL though), but apparently according to people on neogaf it is not even possible to use steam controller with games there, no injectors, no windowed borderless etc ? I hope MS reconsiders, if this is true.

Yay, it seems Windows 10 exclusives are gaining momentum. What a glorious day.

I do not mind Windows 10 only games as long as that exclusivity has a good reason, like say the game being tailor made for DX12.
But any kind of artificial exclusivity that goes against customer interests…that is what I do not like.

Windows 10 store exclusive means it is built as a windows app which means:
No SLI/Crossfire,
Windows 10 store download is buggy,
No refund policy explained,
Vsync is always on,
Always borderless fullscreen,
Game files are protected,
Can’t launch it via the exe (So adding it as a non steam game will not work)
No fps/hardware monitor software works with it,
You need to take control of the folder as admin if you want access to the files
Mouse software which lets you create custom binds for each game doesn’t work
Say bye to using sweetfx and mods
I’m not making this up or taking it from other sources. I’m part of the Closed BETA for Fable Legends and have Minecraft Windows 10 Edition. I’ve came across all of these issues

from reddit

Should this be our hated on Xbox one or PS4 for best experience?

It’s a Microsoft published game so good luck getting this on PlayStation.

Good to know. Ty

By the way, this requires an internet connection on PC…for the movie/TV show bits that play between missions. They are streamed as they come up.

The Xbox One players will have the option to download the movies to the drive because they are lower resolution than the PC version which is 4K.