Quantum Conundrum

I thought we could let poor lordkosc’s little slip die and start a new thread.

Yay! Launch tomorrow! I’ve been jonsing for this since the first teaser ages ago.

No pre-load yet =(

Is this going to be PC only? Or have other platforms been announced as well?

I suppose this counts as a positive impression:

We must do experiments with this!. It unlocks everywhere at the same time? I have not problem liy-… WAAT… here Steam say that I have to wait 24 hours!.

23 hours!, I waited 23 hours for this, and It don’t even let me unlock!.

I had to restart steam to get it to download.

To answer Rock8man’s question, a PS3 and XBLA release is imminent, but I can’t find a release date. I may just have to grab it on Steam.

RPS Wot I Think

Judgement behind the spoiler


Quantum Conundrum is, then, that most maddening, saddening breed of videogame – the Almost Game. A solid kernel of admirable intelligence and inventiveness is orbited by misfiring tone, ill-suited twitch challenge and seeming arbitrary design decisions that block organic, euphoric player experimentation in favour of unyielding square hole, square peg solutions. I can see the game it wants to be, the game it’s trying to be, the game it almost is. And that upsets me dearly, as sailing close to greatness but falling at critical hurdles always does. I come here neither to praise Quantum Conundrum or to bury it, but to lament that it couldn’t leap that small but vital gulf between competence and brilliance.

For years I thought he was constantly talking about Wheel of Time (Wot), and not that he simply couldn’t spell ‘what’. Not sure why anyone would read a journalist unable to spell a simple word or use a spellchecker.

Same. Going to fire it up in a few hours.

I am liking what I am seeing so far, and I, too, must believe in the Bacon Dimension. =]

That said, there are a few oddities that I have encountered. It has the consolish Start Game screen before you get to the main menu. Odder than that, when you choose to quit the game, it takes you back to that Start Game screen, so you have to press Start Game before you can hit Exit Game from the main menu. That’s just weird. Some of the background streaming loading really hits the frame rate quite noticeably.

I like the art style and the object interaction and dimensional controls works just fine. Going to grab some lunch then get back to playing.

I am glad my origional shame shall be lost into the void of the web.

Most reviews for this seem to be in the 3-4 star range , out of 5 stars.

Seems like it might be worthwhile waiting a month or two on this one so some of the rough edges are cleaned up. Or it’s discounted, either way.

I dunno. Plays just fine so far and I am enjoying it. Not sure how much they would discount it from the $20 I paid. I am certainly happy with my purchase.

John DeLancie as the uncle/narrator is just so fitting.

Other than the consolish start screen and a 2 second framerate hiccup between “levels”, what edges need cleaned?

Read Tom’s review, and the RPS review.

I’ve been looking for Tom’s review. Where is it?

Tom who?

And taking anything seriously from a journalist that can’t spell “what” is like trusting fox news.

Actually I think it was in the latest games podcast, not a written review. He basically agreed with RPS.

Subtle troll, 6/10.

Judging just by the reviews, I didn’t see anything seemed like it could be addressed by patching. The problems seemed more fundamental to the structure of the game and the core mechanics.