Quarrel Comes To XBLA With Censoring

Word game Quarrel runs afoul of XBLA’s filter.

Microsoft has an additional filter in place for all Xbox Live games, which we have to support, but while we have to use that filter, we don’t know which words are permitted."

From playing, we do know that it includes such oddities as ‘help’, ‘start’, ‘skid’, ‘poop’, ‘bung’, ‘hung’, ‘dice’ and ‘god’. Microsoft clearly has its reasons for censoring such words within Live games.



Is a game 18+?

I could understand the game having a filter if is for kids. Is somehow a service, if you don’t want your childrens exposed to words like “balls”.

Maybe somebody would arguee that this could be better managed by the game creator, but I disagree, since having it centralized make so the same standard work everywhere, incosistences seems a bad trait here.

The criticism that I support is the low quality of the filter dictionary. I can’t see why anyone would ban the word “help” as offensive. The list of banned words is private even for game devs with a game published on the service, in part to avoid problems (understandable) and because the low quality (scummy).

Everyone that participate of a Wallet Garden has accepted to lost his rights as a adult already.

I wish it had a filter for some of the bullshit “variant spellings” the iOS game allows.