Quarter to Three is now an ad-free site!


So glad to see that Patreon and amazon is enough to keep Qt3 ad-free! This is a cause for a nice cool glass of wine. Cheers!


That’s great to hear! I despise ads so being sustainably ad-free sounds wonderful. Congratulations!


This is great news. I’m pleased that the referral and Patreon sources of income are working out for you, Tom!


I’m curious though, did the new forum and a revamped front page brought in new readers and audience?




I clicked your link, but got taken to smile.amazon.com without anything about Qt3 in the url. Is it supposed to look like that? It’s asking me which charity I want the funds to go to. Doesn’t seem quite right. Sorry, I am a novice.


It’s fine, as long as you start with the tag on the end Qt3 will benefit from anything you purchase in that session.


I keep trying to make a donation through the DONATE button. It keeps telling me that PayPal doesn’t recognize my credit card. I’m not using PP. I’m using the other option, credit card. What am I doing wrong? Do I need a PP account to donate? That’s not going to happen. Don’t want anything to do with PP.


Glad to hear it! I’ve always had my ad blocker disabled on QT3 to support the site but I’ll look into Patreon now.


It went through this time. Woot!


Expressing my gratefulness here.


Sometimes dreams do come true! Check the top of any page here.

Now how about my dream that Far Cry 2 was never created? How about my dream? 😭😭😭


Excellent, thank you!


That shouldn’t got to smile.amazon.com…?


No. Then anyone that isn’t signed up has to deal with that. Pretty sure you could jump to smile after hitting the affiliate link and give credit to qt3.


Everybody should sign up, it’s free and for a good cause.


If you add hoops, like an additional sign up step, a significant number of people will simply not use the link (Google has studies showing you lose IIRC about 30% of the people who started a checkout with each step required). If the goal is to support Qt3 first, then having only Qt3 affiliated link is better, no matter how worthy Smile is.

But for those who want to and can (I’m not in the US), it does sound like Smile is a great thing to sign up to.


Amazon Steely Frown, now there’s something I could get behind.


Question about Amazon affiliates: if for every transaction Qt3 gets a cut, does that mean Tom knows what people are buying? Or Amazon just give out a lump sum at the end of the month/whatever billing period, saying “this is what you get from the Qt3 referral”?


I can see a list of what people buy over a given period because I get specific information about the percentage of an item’s cost the site earns (it can range from 0% to 7%). But of course I don’t get any information about who’s buying it or even when they’re buying it.