Quarter to Three is now an ad-free site!


Ok thanks, good to know. If you see someone buying a swedish body part enlarger it isn’t me.


Does it force you to sign up to a charity when you go to a smile link? I thought you could just click past it. Anyway, if so, you’re totally right.


There’s definitely a nag, and it adds some friction (I seem to recall, in particular, that it’s a popup that must be closed to proceed, but that may have changed).

For those that really want to Smile it up, well, there’s always the Bookmark option I mentioned above. Those villages in Guatemala are gettin’ my pennies on the dollar at the very least!

By a similar token, if it looks like all three volumes of Strong McManstrong’s beautiful How to Stop Crying and Accept Your Lot, Wuss series, several palettes of strong liquor, and the Julia Roberts filmography come across your affiliate link in the same month, think nothing of it and especially nothing of me!


If it doesn’t force a signup, and you can click past it, I would leave smile. But that’s primarily because I use it. And honestly, I think that everybody should too.

I don’t know about you guys, but I spend a lot of money at Amazon-- I even got a separate creditcard for better Amazon benefits, because my otherwise ridiculously awesome primary card only gives 1% back on Amazon. It’s nice giving a cut to charity.


Agreed with the last sentiment, but it really shouldn’t be in if it adds any friction. Because the more casual users will bounce and Tom will lose out. On the web, the 2016 user really doesn’t put up with any slowdowns or unwanted/unnecessary steps.



I don’t use this plugin because my bookmark goes to smile, but here is a Chrome extension that redirects all Amazon links to Amazon smile.


I don’t want to install a browser add-on.


Yeah, baby!


I do not think the amazon thing is working. The link I used is: https://smile.amazon.com/?ie=UTF8&linkCode=wsw&tag=qt3-20

I just placed an order and it says that I donated to the world wild life organization.


I recommend not using smile, it is unclear to me what the interaction is between smile and affiliate codes.


You did, that’s the charity you chose on Smile. You also paid Qt3.

Using smile is fine.


Here is the official FAQ on it, does look like both entities are paid, the affiliate as well as the charity



Why is Qt3 listed as a charity? It seems more like entertainment. Not that I care how Tom lists the site, but I just don’t understand.


It isn’t. The entity you designate with smile is the charity, Qt3 is the affiliate.


Okay, that makes more sense.


Affiliate links have been around for years. You are never told by Amazon someone is getting money because of your purchase. Any time you click a link to Amazon from a review website is probably an affiliate link, for example.

Smile is a much newer thing and totally different, being a charity you chose.


How can I help with Amazon referrals if I’m in the UK? Clicking the link sends me to Amazon.com, but I need to shop at .co.uk.

Great job this year Tom, congratulations on ‘cutting loose’!


I don’t believe you can, unless Tom sets up affiliate links for other countries.


There are too many ads on this site.


You are not serious right, necroing a ad-free thread to say there are too many ads?