Quarter To Three Movie Club - DEC 2018/Get Carter (1971)-Spoilers Allowed!


Movie Club Film 003 - December 2018.

This is Navaronegun’s Slightly Fascistic, One-Party-Slate Election.

Selection Status: Get Carter (1971) is President for Life

Movie Selected, Commenting and Discussion, Spoilers Allowed

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Film 003- Get Carter (1971)

Get Carter

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Anyone who wants to continue the discussion of Europa Report should feel free to do so. Here is a link to that thread

About Quarter To Three Movie Club

After some recent film discussions in various threads @ChristienMurawski and I started discussing what happened to Qt3 Movie Club and slowly decided that iwe really wanted to restart it and bring it back. We thought that if it was done as a fun game designed to maximize discussion and participation in Movie Club, it would keep everyone’s interest.

Here’s how it will work. Once a month, we’ll issue a call for nominations for a film. After a period of time, we’ll hold a vote via poll. Whatever film wins will be watched by a certain date. And then…well, we’ll review/comment/give impressions and discuss.

We’'re currently running with with 10 days for nominations/voting, 10 days to watch the film and 10 days of discussion. But its new, so we’ll be flexible. Semper Gumby!

One thing we wanted was a dedicated cadre of useful idiots who would always provide reviews/comment/give impressions - The Four Stooges (because Three ain’t enough). So, we asked @Rock8man and @marquac to join us (I claim dibs on being the “Shemp” of the group). This would ensure maximum participation in all phases of Movie Club; even if you can’t find the time to write something up, you can still participate in the process, nominate and vote and later discuss, knowing that Four Stooges will dance to the tune of the Vox Populi. But we want as many members as possible to review/comment/give impressions on each film.

There may be more in the future, but there are already a few rules for Movie Club (I am a Board Wargamer, so I likes me some rules).

Rule 001 – Each film may only be used as a final selection once in Movie Club.
Rule 002 – Any film used in Movie club must have been released for two years (this prevents Movie Club overlapping unnecessarily with the Qt3 Movie Podcast).
Rule 003 – Every third film will be chosen by the Four Stooges, rotated amongst them. This is kind of a “Dealer’s Choice” reward for being a Movie Club “Stooge”.
Rule 004 – Any Qt3 member may nominate a film or vote for a film to be used (Including Stooges).
Rule 005 - “Campaigning” for a film to be voted for in the polling is absolutely encouraged, but only in general terms about films while voting. It can lead to spoiler-land quickly. If campaigning for or against a film, feel free to discuss the pros and cons of the director, your preferences regarding actors, genre, etc. All of that is fair game. But no story or plot details. So discussing around a film is fine. About a film story/structure while voting? Off-limits.
Rule 006 - As discussion of a film means that it will be spoiled out of necessity, all films will have a due date to be watched. After that point, open “Spolier” discussion of that film will occur. Participants, you have been warned.
Rule 007 - If a film is not readily available for viewing (difficult to procure/access, as determined by the Stooges) and it wins the poll, the runner up will perform all official duties of the Poll winner, who shall be disqualified.

I’ll also ask any and all Qt3ers to step up and start voting for Film 003 of Quarter to Three Movie Club! After 3 days, we’ll move to Round 2 voting.

Let the December 2018 Movie Club First Round Voting Begin!

If you don’t make waves, the Junta won’t hurt you!

Quarter To Three Movie Club - NOV 2018/Europa Report - Spoilers Allowed!!

Your Happy, No-Wave-Making First Round Poll Provided to you by the Junta

Note A Colt Is My Passport has pulled from the Ballot and jailed due to unpatriotic behavior (no subtitled version available online).

  • A Colt Is My Passport
  • Le Cercle Rouge
  • Caliber 9
  • Get Carter
  • The American Soldier
  • The Getaway
  • Bullitt
  • Point Blank

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Your Happy, No-Wave-Making Movie Club Voter Information Sheet Provided to you by the Junta

The Traditional Cuisine Action Crime Thriller International Menu


A Colt Is My Passport

Colt Okonomiyaki

Note A Colt Is My Passport has pulled from the Ballot and jailed due to unpatriotic behavior (no subtitled version available online).


Le Cercle Rouge

Marseilles Bouillabaisse



Caliber 9

Maximo Calibro Ossobuco con Risotto


Great Britain:

Get Carter

Geordie Lunch - Bangers and Mash


The American Soldier

Munchen Schweinshaxe Vietnam Shadenfraude



The Getaway

Peckinpah Texas Carne Barbecue with McQueen Sauce


San Francisco:


Lombard Street Hangtown Fry

Los Angeles:

Point Blank

Marvin-lous Pink’s Chili Dogs



Darn that Texas barbecue does look obscene and sexy. My kind of meat.


They all look delicious.


It’s a pity, La Cercle Rouge was just on Mubi a couple months ago, and Mubi was still on VRV, too. Oh well.


I’m sensing a theme here.


Yeah, some of these are interchangeable.

But let’s watch Melville! I don’t remember if I’ve seen this one.

His Le Samourai was translated into Spanish as The Silence of a Man. Which if you have seen the movie is hirariously literal. We don’t have it here, but we have Bullit which is certainly inspired by it in many ways.


Which ones? I’d like to think I chose some pretty distinct works, while of course sharing a theme between them.

And no comment on using distinct locations, or my use of delicious food for each location? Traditional foods, as the works are from a more rooted era of national/locale specific filmmaking.


I’ve actually not seen most of these, so they’re going on my list.


I didn’t want to pour any negativity, afraid as I am of your junta, but let me tell you!
Your pick for an okonomiyaki is criminal (obviously not cooked on a hot plate, and Kraft mayonnaise on top? uh, such a rookie’s mistake!).

And what is that thing postulating as bouillabaisse? It’s a soup! Looks like McCrab nugget or something!


You are such a Fromage de la France.




I’ve seen them all once, except Point Blank probably twice, and The Getaway about four times. I plan to watch them all this month. All the losers when they lose and then the winner last.


Okay, this looks like something I should be involved in. I am not sure why the food is mixed in with all the movies, but it sure looks yummy. And by it, I guess I mean Peckinpah Barbecue with McQueen Sauce. I have seen Bullitt and possibly Get Carter. It’s hard to pick one of the others, but I think I want something new.

I’m leaning towards The Getaway. But the Japanese and the French movies look good.

Also, Point Blank. Lee Marvin is like a budget Steve McQueen.

EDIT: I’m going to noodle for a bit. Can you change your vote once you vote?


You can change it a billion times, up until the poll closes.

Welcome to Movie Club, Tim!


Thank you! I’ll try not to put my feet on the furniture or mess the place up. Pass the McQueen sauce.


Availability search from JustWatch reveals:

A Colt is my Passport - Only available on Filmstruck, which is now closed as of 2 days ago, not for rental anywhere either? JustWatch turned up nothing. Search on Google and Vudu turned up nothing.

Le Cercle Rouge - Streaming only available on Filmstruck (RIP), rental only on Apple’s iTunes according to JustWatch. But I just checked on Google Play store and it’s available there. Phew!

Caliber 9 - Streaming on Kanopy, Fandor and Amazon Prime. Rental on iTunes and Amazon according to JustWatch.

Get Carter - No Streaming, according to JustWatch, available for Rent on Youtube, Google Play and Playstation.

The American Soldier - Filmstruck only (RIP). So, not available anywhere?

The Getaway - Streaming on Filmstruck (RIP) and Amazon Prime. Rental on Google, Amazon, Vudu.

Bullitt - Streaming on Filmstruck (RIP) and Prime. Rental on Amazon, Google, iTunes, Fandango, Vudu, PSN

Point Blank - Streaming on Prime. Rental on Amazon, Google, iTunes, Playstation.


Available on Vimeo.

All on Amazon. Streaming.

On Hulu.

@Rock8man Justwatch is just horrible. :) I actually checked it. Get Carter showed up, but not Le Cercle or The American Soldier. It seems to be wrong about at least 2 choices every month.

Part of my pre-check was online streaming availability.


Is there a way to get English subtitles? How do you guys manage films not in English? Is that just part of the fun?