Quarter To Three Movie Club - DEC 2018/Get Carter (1971)-Spoilers Allowed!


Haha, I came in here to say that exact thing. Glad I read through the whole thread, first.

I’d tell you to skip reading Declare, then, but you’d miss out on reading Declare.


People Power!


The Revolution has finally come!

The Junta is overthrown! Begin the New Year with the reemergence of a happy, democratically elected Qt3 Movie Club ™

If you want to keep talking about Get Carter, though please feel free.

Quarter To Three Movie Club - JAN 2018/Army of Shadows - Discussion/Spoilers Allowed!

If a director is self-censoring (or being censored by studios or or feeling de facto censored by a flittering, twittering mass) to prevent himself from adapting a novel, then give me the 70s, every time.


I love the slowness, bleakness and/or amorality of so much of 70s cinema. Love it.