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A New Year and The Return of Democracy!


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Army of Shadows - January 2019 Qt3 Movie Club Winner!

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It’s that time again. I hope everyone who watched it enjoyed viewing Get Carter , the Junta’s December 2018 selection for Quarter to Three Movie Club, but it’s time to re-establish Movie club’s Democratic values for the January 2018 edition of Quarter To Three Movie Club.

Anyone who wishes to continue the discussion of Get Carter should feel to do so. Here is a link to that thread.

About Quarter To Three Movie Club

After some recent film discussions in various threads @ChristienMurawski and I started discussing what happened to Qt3 Movie Club and slowly decided that iwe really wanted to restart it and bring it back. We thought that if it was done as a fun game designed to maximize discussion and participation in Movie Club, it would keep everyone’s interest.

Here’s how it will work. Once a month, we’ll issue a call for nominations for a film. After a period of time, we’ll hold a vote via poll. Whatever film wins will be watched by a certain date. And then…well, we’ll review/comment/give impressions and discuss.

We’'re currently running with with 10 days for nominations/voting, 10 days to watch the film and 10 days of discussion. But its new, so we’ll be flexible. Semper Gumby!

One thing we wanted was a dedicated cadre of useful idiots who would always provide reviews/comment/give impressions - The Three Stooges so @Rock8man joined us (I claim dibs on being the “Shemp” of the group). This would ensure maximum participation in all phases of Movie Club; even if you can’t find the time to write something up, you can still participate in the process, nominate and vote and later discuss, knowing that Four Stooges will dance to the tune of the Vox Populi. But we want as many members as possible to review/comment/give impressions on each film.

There may be more in the future, but there are already a few rules for Movie Club (I am a Board Wargamer, so I likes me some rules).

Rule 001 – Each film may only be viewed once as a winner in Movie Club. Hence, a winner cannot be renominated in the future.
Rule 002 – Any film used in Movie club must have been released for two years (this prevents Movie Club overlapping unnecessarily with the Qt3 Movie Podcast).
Rule 003 – Every third film will be chosen by the Four Stooges, rotated amongst them. This is kind of a “Dealer’s Choice” reward for being a Movie Club “Stooge”.
Rule 004 – Any Qt3 member may nominate a film or vote for a film to be used (Including Stooges).
Rule 005 - “Campaigning” for a film to be voted for in the polling is absolutely encouraged, but only in general terms about films while voting. It can lead to spoiler-land quickly. If campaigning for or against a film, feel free to discuss the pros and cons of the director, your preferences regarding actors, genre, etc. All of that is fair game. But no story or plot details. So discussing around a film is fine. About a film story/structure while voting? Off-limits.
Rule 006 - As discussion of a film means that it will be spoiled out of necessity, all films will have a due date to be watched. After that point, open “Spolier” discussion of that film will occur. Participants, you have been warned.
Rule 007 - If a film is not readily available for viewing (difficult to procure/access, as determined by the Stooges) and it wins the poll, the runner up will perform all official duties of the Poll winner, who shall be disqualified.

I’ll also ask any and all Qt3ers to step up and start making nominations for the Film 002 of Quarter to Three Movie Club! Just make your nominations in the thread! After 3 days , we’ll stop the nominations and a poll will be provided for Round 1 Voting.

Let the January 2019 Movie Club Film Nominations Begin!

New Year’s resolutions for the Qt3 Movie Club:

1. Lose weight!

2. No more dictators!


I’m going to nominate Go (https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0139239/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1)
I haven’t seen this movie in ages but I recall really enjoying it. Very snappy, funny, and with an unusual multiple pass structure to the storytelling. And it turns out Timothy Olyphant was in it. Who knew.


I nominate L.A. Confidential because it’s on Netflix and I’ve been rewatching it and, although not perfect, it is really good when it’s good. Also, Russell Crowe looks so young. As does Simon Baker. And Guy Pearce. James Cromwell looks old, though.

Caveat: It does feature ‘the Spacey’ in the cast.

“Have you a valediction, boyo?”


Not as sleazy in character as the real Spacey, but close…


Since we didn’t like Europa Report much, I’m going to nominate my favorite space exploration film this time:


I actually nominate a film from this century for this New Year’s Edition of Qt3 Movie Club:


Oh hell yeah, this one got me on board the Ellroy train, which is a rocky ride let me tell you. And the dirty little secret of L.A. Confidential is that the movie is better than the book - loses a few extraneous subplots and tweaks the characters of the three central detectives. I’m not nominating this month, going to put my vote behind this one, even though I’ve probably seen it a dozen times.


Hmm, interesting. I never read it, but in my script-reader days I did read Black Dahlia and White Jazz during the late-90s/early-00s Ellroy boom.


There may be no second round of voting this month, based on the paucity of nominations.


In that case, I’m going to steal @anonymgeist’s old nomination that I voted for a couple of times because it sounded intriguing: Army of Shadows (1969).


I thought rule #1 ruled out nominating a movie again.


I already asked about that in a previous week. It just means that you can’t nominate a movie that was already picked. The wording is vague for some reason.


It is indeed intriguing! I watched it after it was nominated. Very good stuff.

But I’m going to go back to the bonkers Japanese well and nominate:


It says “final selection”. I can change it to “winner”.


I like it! That makes it clearer. And now we have proof it wasn’t just me that was confused. :-)


Aaaaand, done.


I’ve been meaning to watch Wild Zero, so I’ll vote for that one.


The Polls are open!

Film 004- First Round Poll

This Poll will be closed TUE JAN 8 at 2359 EST. At that time, if no film has secured an absolute majority of votes the top two films will advance for a final run-off. If there is a tie, and more than two films are the “top two” all tied selections will be advanced.

Click here to see a selection of links for all films in the below poll.

  • Army of Shadows
  • The Damned United
  • Go
  • L.A. Confidential
  • Wild Zero
  • Wings of Honneamise

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Your Movie Club Voter Information Sheet

January 2019 Movie Club Nominations:

Army of Shadows

The Damned United


L.A. Confidential

Wild Zero


Wings of Honneamise


Let me just inform everyone that any film that begins with this:

And has this in it’s soundtrack:

Deserves, nay demands your vote.