Quarter To Three Movie Club - JAN 2018/Army of Shadows - Spoiler Free!


On the other hand, it’s about soccer. Ew.


This is 100% my feelings on the matter as well. So if I like it, well…


I will admit I’m mildly curious because David Peace wrote the book it’s based on (the guy who wrote the Red Riding quartet, which are noir about as pitch-black as it comes). But only mildly.


Yeah, I am a fan too. This is the North.


Interesting opening. I had always assumed that a movie called “The Damned United” would be about Manchester United, not Leeds United (who I’ve never heard of). I’m intrigued.


The Cast is superb too. This one just sucked me in. Great original source material, script, direction, attention to period, soundtrack; the works.


I’ll be a little bummed if LA Confidential wins. It’s the only one on the list I’ve seen, I’ve seen it twice and while it’s fine as far as it goes I don’t see much reason to revisit it. Should have voted for Army of Shadows!


You can always change your vote. :)

Part of the fun…


Can I? It just looks to me like I can view or hide the results, not change my vote.


You hide them, and then vote for something else.


I could have clicked “Hide” to see what happened, eh? Nope, better call tech support. “Sir, have you tried turning it off and back on again?”


Had an Army of Shadows dream last night. Which was weird, because I watched it over a month ago.


Do tell? Must have been a frightening dream.


Nothing much to tell. All I can remember was being a member of the French Resistance and getting ready to ambush a convoy (in a dumb way, because dream). I woke up before the action, though.


Better than having a firing squad dream…


The Run-off is now Open!

The Navaronegun News Network has called the first round poll for the two winners, L.A. Confidential and Army of Darkness .

Run-Off Voting for Qt3 Movie Club Film 004, January 2019 will now commence.

First Round Voting is now closed (the poll cannot be modified at this time). The below Poll will be closed FRI JAN 11 at 2359 EST. At that time, if no film has secured a the most votes, the winner will be chosen at random from among those tied for first place.

Click here to see a selection of links for all films in the below poll.

  • Army of Shadows
  • L.A. Confidential

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January 2019 Movie Club Run-Off Candidates:

Army of Shadows - @anonymgeist and @Rock8man

L.A. Confidential - @Gordon_Cameron


Army of Shadows is like the Ronald Reagan of Movie Club. He’s run for the nomination three times, and finally gets over the top. Can he do it in the General? Is he too divisive? Is he too old?

L.A. Confidential is the Clinton. Youth. First time in the race, wins the nomination. But is he just doing a lot of charismatic posturing with little substance?


Voting ends tomorrow! Stand up and be counted!


I’m actually kind of relieved L.A. Confidential is getting thrashed. I’m sure everyone has already seen it, so it would be the less interesting win.