Quarter To Three Movie Club - JAN 2018/Army of Shadows - Spoiler Free!


I’m surprised. I though it was a Clinton. More like a McGovern.



That’s why I voted for Army of Shadows. I bet I will like it less than L.A. Confidential, which is great. But I have seen L.A. Confidential, so.


I have not, however.

Also for some reason this tread wasn’t tracked. I told you to track it Discourse!


The Polls have closed. Navaronegun News Network is calling this race early, based on exit polling. Army of Shadows is the winner with 70% of the vote in a landslide that has swept Qt3 Nation.


L.A. Confidential on election night.

The Winner!

Army of Shadows - @anonymgeist and @Rock8man


The Thread will now stay spoiler-free until Sunday 20 January, 2018 at 2359 EST. This gives everyone 10 days to watch the film. After that time discussion to include spoilers will begin. As well, the Three Stooges will submit impressions/comments/reviews after that date.