Quarter To Three Movie Club - NOV 2018/Europa Report - Spoilers Allowed!!


The only illegal activity is campaigning using spoilers. :)

it’s like I offered Rich the Governorship of American Samoa if he backed the nomination of another candidate.


I’ll vote in your thread if you change your vote here :P


That was our deal. @RichVR, I gave you my “favorite film”. Quid Pro Quo, man. Change your vote. TANSTAAFL.


The Polls have closed. Europa Report is the winner with 52% of the vote.

Europa Report
Available on: Rental on All Major Streaming Platforms. Free on Hulu with subscription


The Thread will now stay spoiler-free until Tuesday 20 November, 2018 at 2359 EST. This gives everyone 10 days to watch the film. After that time discussion to include spoilers will begin. As well, the Four Stooges will submit impressions/comments/reviews after that date.


Yes, Europa Report is no longer available on Netflix and TubiTV, it seems, but it is on Hulu and Hoopla. My library gives me access to Hoopla, so I’ll try that out this week.

EDIT: No wait, it’s still on TubiTV, free with ads. (Ads that are easily foiled by ad-blockers, btw, not that I’m advocating that).


$4 via Amazon HD rental.


Yeah, it’s on all the digital Rental services, it’s $4 for the HD version on Google Play Store as well, for instance:



So I am watching this on Saturday. How is everyone else doing on this one?


Already seen it, of course, but I plan on giving it a rewatch this Saturday too to refresh my memory. Bizarrely there doesn’t seem to be a UK DVD for me to rent, but I think I’ll just buy it on one of the online platforms.


I’ll need to watch is this weekend as I don’t think I’ll have the chance to do so later in the month.


Also saw it already. Probably hook up a refresher over the weekend.


Yeah, I’ll try to watch it this weekend, since Thanksgiving week might be too busy navigating family stuff.


I watched it a long time ago, and watched it for the second time yesterday… and it proved interesting. I think KSP may be ruining most of “hard” scifi for me.


I watched it on day 1 on Hulu I believe.


Ha, I know that feeling. But I always try and forgive things a bit, even if that d decent was unnaturally fast, and people bounce way too little.

I did like the weightless scenes though!


We rented it on Amazon Prime for a few quid.


Yeah, it’s rentable most places online, but at that point I might as well buy it for a few more. I was hoping it would be on Cinema Paradiso.


Was looking for something to watch with my kids this evening. (Damn the end of Daylight Savings! It gets dark so goddamn early!) I considered Europa Report but the preview we watched made it look too intense for the kids so we settled on Apollo 13, which my kids hadn’t ever seen. Holy crap does that movie still hold up well after 23 years. I’ll get to Europa this weekend.


I won’t spoil Europa for you, but good choice for the kids. And yeah, it holds up well not just because the visuals aren’t bad but the actors were… well good. It’s more about them than the ship anyway.


Europa Report