Quarter To Three Movie Club - NOV 2018/Europa Report - Spoilers Allowed!!

Pick one! :)

Well I mean I’d vote but I really don’t have strong feelings on the subject, so I feel like I should allow the people who need to have things one way or the other make the call. I am lucky in that I don’t have to travel for the holidays this year, I can make either work.

I am in the same camp with you on that. Very flexible here.

All right, in the interest of having lots of options for the month, I’ll present a nomination as well:

If you’re not familiar with it, this is what might be called a vintage sci-fi movie. Others might call it a grandpa movie. I call it the progenitor of nearly every science fiction movie trope in movies to come. Gene Roddenberry considered it a major influence on Star Trek. It’s totally awesome.

Also the best adaptation of The Tempest.

I dunno, Prospero’s Books is pretty dang good.

I’ll throw in a nomination for Sweet Smell of Success.

I hadn’t even heard of this film till adulthood but it’s a wowser, easily one of my favorites of the '50s. Amazing cinematography by James Wong Howe, and career-peak performances by Tony Curtis and Burt Lancaster. A tough, cynical tale of the symbiotic relationship between a powerful newspaper columnist and the small-time agent who will sell his soul (and that of anyone else in a five block radius) for a scrap of said columnist’s column inches.

I have this on Blu Ray and it looks gooooood. Howe creates an urban nightscape that at times almost feels like a proto-Blade Runner.

Also features, to my knowledge, the first fully-electronic score in movie history.

Oooooh! I always wanted to see more Tony Curtis movies. I loved him in Operation Petticoat (which I watched a million times as a kid), but never saw him in any other movies. I think he’d already retired by the time I was old enough, so he wasn’t an actor in the 80s and onward. And I didn’t have much exposure to older movies, but the ones that were on all seemed to have Cary Grant. Was Cary Grant in all older movies? It certainly seemed that way to me.

Hollywood movie? Check. Well, then we have to cast Cary Grant.

I believe that is true, in addition to being the movie premiere of Leslie Nielsen!

Don’t call me Leslie.

oh wait I fucked that up

Not quite true, but a pretty good approximation of the truth.

Have you seen Some Like it Hot? It features Tony Curtis doing a Cary Grant impersonation.

Oh yeah, also some chick named Marilyn is in it

Plus we would all get to sing along to “Science Fiction Double Feature”:

See androids fighting Brad and Janet
Ann Francis stars in Forbidden Planet

“Judy, Judy, Judy.”

Heads up, Europa Report is on Netflix, but is going away on the 7th.

So, you know, plan accordingly?

Netflix feels like a super massive DVD collection that’s being robbed regularly. My first contact with the robbers when they pulled Miami Vice from me a month after I started subscribing, while I was watching it. I should have gotten used to it by now, but it still makes me…

Not pulling any punches, eh!
While I’d love to discuss it, I think publicizing it as the polar opposite of Tokyo Story is misleading.
But it seems we will have to cope with silent robot movies anyway!

I mean, it is an interpersonal drama, but other than that I don’t see anything in common.

I was about to answer, but that’d discuss both movies and that’s not how it works.
So, mouth shut here!


Edit: I’ll just add that it is an amazing movie, one that’d burst lots of discussions as Juan pointed, and I also agree this is the most confunding acting I’ve ever seen — and I am allergic to any sort of French acting!

We can discuss if you vote for it ;P