Quarter To Three Movie Club - NOV 2018/Europa Report - Spoilers Allowed!!


I looks like a Hetero-Sexploitation flick about Teenage puppy love. I see why the French won’t extradite Roman Polanski now.

What is it 90 minutes of Teenage Moony-love and 90 minutes of Sex Scenes? :)


That’s how it looks. But it is?

Sex is not that big of a part of the movie, length wise, but it’s there, with the same intensity everything else is in there (as I said in my intro, I do not believe this movie should be classified as erotic, it’s so much not about that). But the presence of those scenes is very unusual and indeed allows us to discuss whether it can be seen as exploitation or not. Or whether the absence of said scenes in most movies is actually what should be unusual.

But to enter that discussion we would have to see the movie :)

Edit: this is a cool relevant article, but SPOILERS

NEW YORKER - The problem with sex scenes that are too good.


The sex scenes stand out but are a small fraction of the screentime.

I found it to be a very strong drama with a terrific female lead performance.

Also, puppy love (and what it turns into) is as valid a theme for a movie as anything else, I suppose.


Sure…the questions then are:

1.) will I vote for that theme (No).

2.) Three HOURS?!?!


It’s also anything but puppy. But it’s a common trait in older people to dismiss younger generations as being mentally or emotionally challenged, compared to their assumed wisdom.
I called you an old fart! yep, YOU!


So’s Roman Polanski.


Why is Polanski even relevant to this conversation?

BTW, the movie does not feel 3 hours long. It’s not a Nolan joint. Goes by much faster than that.




The French are known to be fairly lax in their perceptions of underage sexual exploitation.

You and I are cool though, LE. :)


Yes, a country to not extraditing his citizen is very relevant to a film about finding what adult you are (or are not, or are you, or?)


Good to know that nobody in Bluer is the Warmest Color is underage then?

Again, why is this even remotely relevant?


The characters certainly are, from the blurbs I am seeing. One of them. Back to the Hetero-Sexploitation debate, that I am not taking the bait on. :)


See, you are discussing without knowledge, so until you see the film, we win by default :)


Take your victory then, and keep your three hours of Teen Drama themes with a NC-17 rating so it will appear “deep”. :)


Also, guys, we can make Mr. Grumpy watch a teenage puppy love story. That has to be worth some votes!!!


I am fully aware every comment I make is garnering votes for Blue is the I am Curious (Yellow) Artsploitation Film Le Fromage Last Tango du Paris, Oui! Oui!


Now, I suspect you are being facetious: fromage is the one thing missing from the movie.


Didn’t we just watch a 2 hour plus black and white Japanese film about old folks visiting their adult children?

This comment makes me not only want to vote for this film, but also nominate Nyphomaniac (both parts) next month:)


You already did! :)



Few words. Decisive action.