Quarter To Three Movie Club - NOV 2018/Europa Report - Spoilers Allowed!!

If you aren’t into autoerotic fiction about an insecure man wielding an oversized metal penis, you know what to vote!

Ah…the French come back paraphrasing Foucault and Derrida…finding psycho-sexual subtexts…of course…

If you don’t want to hear the words “Foucault” or “Derrida” again, Get Carter!

Don’t be mean…

He’s adorable!

We can all joke around and whatnot; but Michael Caine is gorgeous. And timeless.

That’s the only philosopher I know.

It’s OK, as a Frenchman you can’t help it. It’s an unconscious bias, and is in the subtext of what you are writing. Derrida taught us all that.

I am merely pissed because I looked up on my itunes store and it seems the movie isn’t available (or probably hidden behind an awful, inaccurate secular name that I’ll have to resort to imdb to discover).
Edit: also know as “La Loi du Milieu”. Riiiight!

Michael Caine is awesome, a real treasure but he is not gorgeous. He makes me smile a lot though when he is on the screen unless he’s a bad guy or that super sad dude in Interstellar.

Also campaigning just got a jolt around here!

Movie club campaigning is fun!

And how can you say this isn’t gorgeous. And I am straight, by God! But that is a gorgeous hunk of man!


Is it too late to switch my vote from Forbidden Planet to Europa Report? I want my vote to count.

You can always switch until the poll is closed. Do you know how to do that technically? If not, PM me and I’ll tell you how, Sir.

I figured it out, thanks.

Well at least I can see the taste you are going for :-).

Imagine if La Soirée De Miss France 2018 was hosted by this guy:

Not quite as entertaining…

Ill admit, my second choice was Forbidden Planet. I voted ER, simply for practical reasons.

I also would have been in favor of Brazil, but decided not to just vote for my own nominee.

EDIT: I’m running back on Brazil for now. It is a fantastic movie, and a polar opposite of the understated and restrained Ozu. Madcap brilliance.

Really some good choices all around, most movies I would at least be engaged with on some level. But dystopias were never so fun as in Brazil, so join me there, if you dare!

I’m with you. Now that the faithless elector @Jack_Howitzer has abandoned Get Carter!, I shall as well, and stump for Brazil. An otherworldly futuristic tale from a unique mind and director.

You’re a big man, but you’re in bad shape. With me it’s a full time job, now behave yourself!

I love Get Carter, it’s one of my all timers. But I’ve seen it so many times and I feel you probably have also, and you really seem to want to watch this 3 hour long Spanish movie I thought I’d just help it get over the line. I’m doing this for you, Buddy!!

“Listen, the only reason I came back to this crap house - was to find out who did it. And I’m not leaving until I do.”

Only once,. 10 years ago. That’s why I nominated it. I need to see it again.

It’s French.

And are you gonna watch it? :)

Well if nobody’s up for awesome Asian-American crime drama then I’m on board for Gilliamtown.

You are welcomed!