Quarter To Three Movie Club - NOV 2018/Europa Report - Spoilers Allowed!!

So where do I lie in this confusing rules-bent conflagration? Plus do I get to watch Europa Report with you goofballs? or did I lose? Finally Marq was backing my choice up === sems like I should at least get an acknowledgement.

(I actually won a trial when I cross-examined a TVA accountant on “rules are rules”) Lol == I have never cared for rules much.

lol rules

It sounds like you were looking for this thread Kristi. :)

Well, this is going to be close.

I’m watching Europa Report over the weekend anyway. Been meaning to for a while, and I love serious sci-fi(which this seems to be? I’m unclear if it’s going to be Horror. I hope not).

But I do hope Blue is the Warmest Color manages a win. It’s not only that I think it’s a film many people wary about will actually love, I also think it will be better for generating discussion (which, for me, is the raison d’être of the Movie Club). Also, I think it’s most likely people will watch Europa Report than Blue is the Warmest Color outside of the context of this club. Blue is the Warmest Color is not a movie you just pick for a boring night.

But I’m obviously biased :P

Yeah, I think people who have expressed misgivings about watching it are being wrongheaded, but then people’s taste in film is very idiosyncratic.

This is why I went on #TeamBlueIsWarm

I will watch neither movie outside of this club.

This is why I like the Club. :) Thanks for participating, Nesire. This post made my day.

I think I actually have an unopened copy of the Criterion blu-ray for Blue is the Warmest Color on my shelf, so this will give me motivation to finally check that out.

Does everyone know that Tom wrote a review of Europa Report? You can find that review here.

Well, I am solidly on #TeamBlueIsWarm now

I am pretty honest with myself. I couldn’t even list the movies from the last round that didn’t make it if someone said my life depended on it. I’ll forget one of these two a month from now… maybe both, depending on my viewing experience.

I get it. I am embracing it with Blue. It is the film that is furthest outside my viewing norms of the two. So I am choosing it, as the one most likely to expand my horizons.

I’ll watch Blue if you vote in my thread. Bet? :)


Thanks bud.

Hey. This looks like bribery to me!

Pretty sure that’s legal by the rules of the thread.

Bribery is not campaigning. Everyone knows this kind of stuff is done behind closed doors!