Quarter To Three Movie Club - October 2018 Film is Tokyo Story - Spoilers Allowed!!

Now is the time to vote!! The Polls will close in 9 hours and 30 minutes!

Choose History, Don’t let History choose you!

Counter offer: Watch Silverado.


You’re lucky Hudson Hawk isn’t the hill I’m dying on.

Moon it is, and thanks to @ChristienMurawski for posting that amazing link.

My name is divedivedive, and I endorse this deal.

The Run-off is now Open!

Run-Off Voting for Qt3 Movie Club Film 001, October 2018 will now commence.

First Round Voting is now closed (the poll cannot be modified at this time). The below Poll will be closed TUE OCT 09 at 2359 EST. At that time, if no film has secured a the most votes, the winner will be chosen at random from amongst those tied for first place.

Click here to see a selection of links for all films in the below poll.

  • Tokyo Story
  • Hudson Hawk
  • Ip Man
  • Moon
  • Tokyo Tribe

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List of Films in the Above Poll:

Tokyo Story - imdb: 8.2/10 (40,497) / RT: 100
Available on: Kanopy, Filmstruck (Free or Subscription); Amazon, iTunes (Rental, 3.99).


Hudson Hawk - imdb: 5.8/10 (47,471) / RT: 26
Available on: YouTube, Amazon, iTunes (Rental 2.99-3.99)


Ip Man - imdb: 8/10 (191,616) / RT: 85
Available on: Netflix, Hoopla (Free or Subscription); Amazon, iTunes, YouTube (Rental, 2.99 -3.99).


Moon - imdb: 7.9/10 (301,557) / RT: 89
Available on: Netflix, Fandor (Free or Subscription); Amazon, iTunes, YouTube (Rental, 2.99 -3.99).


Tokyo Tribe - imdb: 6.5/10 (2,602) / RT: 52
Available on: Amazon Prime (Subscription); Amazon, iTunes, YouTube (Rental, 2.99 -3.99).


What would the election of Hudson Hawk mean for Quarter To Three?

Vote before October 9th. The stakes are too high for you to stay home.

I’ll admit some morbid curiosity now.

Not to actually vote for it. 3/5 movies are ones I’d be happy to get tabbed.

I’ll just watch a few minutes to see if it’s as bad as promised.




Fuck it. If we aren’t going to watch Army of Shadows, I’m throwing my vote behind Hudson Hawk.

Why are you doing this to yourself.

I watched the first 30. It is… well to call it fever dream logic would be an insult to movies like Brazil or Big Lebowski which actually incorporate logic and coherence into their jarring shifts.

Guys, I have a feeling this movie isn’t very good.

That is not the anonymgeist I know. You are better than that, Sir. Think of the future. Think of the children.

FYI, Informational post above now has the shortest available trailers for each film, for those who are interested.

Click Here to jump back there.

Nice. My kind of trailer.

Yeah, minimalizes spoilers.

That may be true, but having viewed the trailers, it very well may not be the worst film on that poll.

I’m telling you, Tokyo Tribe is magical.

The trailer hints, but you have no idea. NO IDEA.

Who mentioned that?