Quarter To Three Movie Club - October 2018 Film is Tokyo Story - Spoilers Allowed!!

Sure, I’ll drink to that.

Where’s my Honey?

And Lebowski.

And Star Wars.


It was that or In The Mood For Love. The Raid made me realise that I need more than martial arts holding my films together, as mightily impressive as they are, so… I’m switching my vote. Ip Man is still on my list though!

God, Mary and Max needs some love. So, uh, campaigning around the plot.

Mary and Max is writer, animator and director Adam Elliot’s only feature length film following four animated shorts, including Academy Award winner Harvie Krumpet. Mary and Max is also home to one of my favourite performances from Philip Seymour Hoffman–I didn’t realise it was him until I saw the credits. The thing I love most about what I’ve seen of Elliot’s work is his uniquely dark comedic tone and ability to balance the absurd and the serious; the light and the heavy. That’s a delicate act with potentially disastrous consequences but Elliot somehow manages it deftly.

If you don’t vote for it, definitely try and watch it at some point!

Since my pick was not obviously going to be selected, I changed my vote.

Ignore somebody nominates Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, I’m game, but I’d rather rewatch Ozu, it’s been more than 10 years, I think…

Basically my thoughts on this round. The Castle of Sand will not win. I haven’t seen Tokyo Story in such a long time, and I am eager to watch it now, in a very aware fashion, and then commit my thoughts to words.

The run off could be interesting. The Louisiana Primary system assumes no one will win an outright majority he first round. What will be cool is seeing how many selections make it to the final run-off round. It is always the two highest vote-getters, but if there is a tie then all tied selections pass to the final round.

There, the dynamics of voting could completely change. :)

Speaking of absolutely non-Chandler-influenced works (like the Star Wars) are you gonna vote for Hudson Hawk, or at all in the first round of the Louisiana Primary, or are you just using Louisiana Parish Tactics?

Haven’t decided yet.

This is something I have much to say in. For me it is variable, I can and do enjoy one that is a thin excuse for the fights if the choreography is good enough.

I will say Ip Man is narratively more than that. It has stronger character development than most films of the genre. But, again, will hold off on saying more for now.

Comparing it to my second choice, Tokyo Story, I’m sure they are exceedingly different on that end though.

To the people voting for Hudson Hawk: Look inside yourself. Are you sure you want to do this? Have you already seen the other movies, or don’t want to see them? Are you trolling us on purpose? :)

And we see the first negative political ad of the election. :)


OK, @Rock8man convinced me. I really do want everyone to watch Hudson Hawk.

Yes, my negative ad was secretly a way to turn people off the negative campaign and get more support for Hudson Hawk. It’s working!

Comes back to the thread after a few days, sees Hudson Hawk in second


@cannedwombat, If you change your support from Hudson Hawk to any other film, I will let you choose our first Vassal Boadgame when you are settled in 2 weeks-ish. I’ll play whatever you want.

And you changed your vote to Army of Shadows. Sandbagging, huh?

It’s been hard to choose. I want to see at least 6 of these movies, and have been going back and forth on it.

But I should vote for the most appealing sounding one on the first round, and then worry about the next round when it comes time for that, etc. If I start worrying about which one is leading the vote now, that’s not fair to the other nominees. That’s why I changed to Other People for a while, and In the Mood For Love, and now Army of Shadows. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a French movie about World War 2 that wasn’t a comedy with lots of ridiculous slapstick that passes for French humor.

Now is the time to vote!! The Polls will close in 9 hours and 30 minutes!

Choose History, Don’t let History choose you!