Quarter To Three Movie Club - October 2018 Film is Tokyo Story - Spoilers Allowed!!

Schadenfreude is your thing then?

Having seen the trailers, If given the last copy of Tokyo Tribe and Hudson Hawk and told I had to watch one and destroy the other or I’d lose an arm, it’d take me less than a second to cue up Hawk, having saved the planet from the crap-fest that (apparently) is Tribe. Then I’d demand a surgical strike to destroy Sono studios with a tactical nuclear device.

I believe I said earlier that Tokyo Tribe is the most insane movie I have ever watched. I stand by that.

So yes, I want to see other people react to that.

Frankly, the prospect of having to watch non-silent Ozu almost pushed me into Hudson Hawk’s arms. But anti voting being so damn lame, I will instead hug the movie I have been wanting to watch for a long time, Ipman… with next to no hope for it to be selected, snif.

You are a good citizen, Citizen.

Empty, I am curious about this statement. You’d have preferred it if it was silent, or pre-sound Ozu? Not criticizing, just curious why you aren’t interested in it?

To keep it super short, I find Japanese acting really good for silent movies, and awkwardly bad once you can hear the words. I’ll reserve what I have to say about Ozu for when the darn movie won :O

All Japanese films? OK.

I haven’t seen Tokyo Story in 20+ years, and I didn’t see in mindfully then. I am really looking forward to it if it wins.

Stop trying to get me started, you mean you!

I wish it were selected, because it is a film, and genre, in which I have much to say. And I would be curious to rewatch it now, having seen far more of the genre since I viewed it, and how I would comment on the plot and action in that perspective.

I have a feeling that the film would be elevated in some respects, and diminished in others. Because I am certain that, having seenmost early Jackie Chan and Donnie Yen’s other films since first viewing, that my take on the fight choreography would be different.

However moon is fantastic, and would not feel bad if it or Tokyo Story won.

I would be pleased as punch with Moon. And I’d give Ip Man it’s chance with a smile.

Moon is one of my favourite sci-fi films and I’d be happy with Tokyo Story too. I only ever played the Amiga game of Hudson Hawk as a kid so… yeah. Wasn’t until years later I realised it was based on a movie.

The marketing for that game in Europe was crazy! The movie was hardly ever mentionned, but the game’s ads were everywhere in France too!

I was too young to really notice but I was aware enough to know that Ocean were the movie-game people!

Let’s start a Quarter to Three Movie Game Club.

“You don’t scare me, work on it.”

Ip Man’s a great martial arts film, but I’m not sure I have all that much to say about it. I suppose some of us could discuss fight choreography, but it’s probably not going to be all that interesting for non-fans.

Well, it probably has more appeal than the choice you voted for.

Honestly, as much as I don’t know that there’s necessarily a lot of deep discussion to be had about Tokyo Tribe (though I’d be happy to find out), I don’t think there’s much to be said at all about a lot of martial arts-centric movies. Ip Man could have some history to talk about in it, but I haven’t seen it so I can’t say whether that’s actually the case. And personally I’m kinda over martial arts sequences for the most part. I recognize the skill being brought to bear but I’ve seen enough to last me, y’know?

Whereas Tokyo Tribe…love it or hate it (and as I’ve said, I think most people will be in one camp or the other on that), it’s definitely not samey. Nor have you probably seen anything quite like it before. (Even Sono’s other movies are a different kind of crazy.)