Quarter To Three Movie Club - October 2018 Film is Tokyo Story - Spoilers Allowed!!

Exactly. That is why I think the “P&R Mirror thread” is the way to go. It lets people opt out. Also, it keeps the one political film from getting all the hot and heavy attention while, say, Love Story languishes in the background.

“Let’s just skip over this part, and move on.”


“Stop saying that! Make him stop saying that.”

Hey how did you get me behind a bench in a movie??? That is uncanny!!

Ok, what movie is that!

Both the above clips were from What’s Up Doc?

Liam Dunn is one of my all-time favorite character actors. Hilarious!

It’s interesting, and not to get too spoilery, but how… unsympathetic isn’t quite the right word… unkind they portray some of the family members. I have a feeling, when all’s said and done, it’s going to have something to say about how the most family like relationship isn’t even between people related

I’m talking about the widow, who married the middle son.

I could be wrong, but I think that’s where this is going. Got about an hour left.

I watched it this evening (all in one sitting, which is unusually disciplined for me). It does many interesting things. I’m looking forward to the discussion.

To paraphrase Timothy Leary, I’ll have the proper set and setting tonight, and I shall watch Tokyo Story myself.

Well, I watched it. I started last night, was distracted, and restarted tonight. I just finished it.

I am glad I have a week to think about what to write. I feel like I had my heart broken a few times and I don’t know what to do about it.

I was only able to get about 20 minutes into the movie. Since it’s subtitled, I can’t just put it on and have it on the background as I play with my son. He really wanted my attention yesterday. So I only had it on a few minutes at a time when I could devote complete attention to it. I’ll get through it this week though.

Just realized I’ll be vacationing in Hawaii when discussion on the film goes live Sunday. I’ll try to catch up when I get back next week and jump in wherever the discussion is going. I’m interested in talking about door frames.

That will be a topic. As will, “Where did Wes Anderson get his symmetrical composition obsess…oh.”

I’ll be out for the start of the conversation too and will join in the later half wherever it’s at. I am halfway through the movie now. I had to do it in two sittings.

Yea, but Wes also loves his diorama like panning shots, which are notably absent here.

And not a single offset or Dutch angle shot to be found either.

Oh, I agree. But Wes ain’t a thief or pastiche-merchant. He is certainly doing his own thing.

Heavily influenced though, that is pretty clear.

Content too. Ruminations on family? What constitutes a family? Who are its members? What do they owe one another? Not gonna go any deeper… Les Spoils.

I don’t agree.

Neither do I.

Hey, you can’t just go asking questions that we’re not supposed to answer for another few days. That’s like putting the catnip outside on the patio behind a glass door.


That I agree.

Ok meow.


What snacks did people eat while watching the film?