Quarter to Three Movie - July 2019 - The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly (1966) - Spoiler Allowed

It’s that time again. I hope everyone who watched it enjoyed viewing The Secret Garden, the April 2019 Champion for Quarter to Three Movie Club, but it’s time to warm up after our little break and select the July 2019 edition of Quarter To Three Movie Club.

Anyone who wishes to continue the discussion of The Secret Garden should feel to do so. Here is a link to that thread.

About Quarter To Three Movie Club

After some recent film discussions in various threads @ChristienMurawski and @Navaronegun started discussing what happened to Qt3 Movie Club and slowly decided that they really wanted to restart it and bring it back. They thought that if it was done as a fun game designed to maximize discussion and participation in Movie Club, it would keep everyone’s interest.

Here’s how it will work. Once a month, we’ll issue a call for nominations for a film. After a period of time, we’ll hold a vote via poll. Whatever film wins will be watched by a certain date. And then…well, we’ll review/comment/give impressions and discuss.

We’'re currently running with 3 or 4 days for nominations/voting, 10 days to watch the film and 10 days of discussion. But its new, so we’ll be flexible. And this is my first time trying to run this thing, so cut me some slack, and if I forget to do something, remind me.

One thing we wanted was a dedicated cadre of useful idiots who would always provide reviews/comment/give impressions - The Three Stooges so I joined them (@Navaronegun claim dibs on being the “Shemp” of the group, however he hasn’t been feeling well lately, so I decided to try to do this thing this month). @Ginger_Yellow has also joined as one of the stooges. This would ensure maximum participation in all phases of Movie Club; even if you can’t find the time to write something up, you can still participate in the process, nominate and vote and later discuss, knowing that Four Stooges will dance to the tune of the Vox Populi. But we want as many members as possible to review/comment/give impressions on each film.

I’ll also ask any and all Qt3ers to step up and start making nominations for the Film 008 of Quarter to Three Movie Club! Just make your nominations in the thread! After 3 days, we’ll stop the nominations and a poll will be provided for Round 1 Voting.

Let the July 2019 Movie Club Film Nominations Begin!

The three nominees are in this post:

Go Vote.

This month’s movie is:

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966)

Please watch the movie this week. We can have spoiler free discussion until next Monday, July 22nd, when the spoiler filled discussion of the movie will start.

The movie is available on monthly streaming service from Starz in the U.S. It is also available on all online rental stores like Amazon, Google, Playstation, etc.

It is now time to discuss the movie openly. Feel free to post any spoilers while discussing the movie.

Ok, this movie has been getting a lot of love lately in the movie thread about movies that people can rewatch any time, and I’ve never seen it, so I’m very intensely curious now about:


I nominate No Country For Old Men, which seems to be very highly regarded, and that I haven’t watched in… a long time.
Seeing how I absolutely loved The Man Who Wasn’t There, I want to see if this movie does something else for me as well now that I am on the way down to the dumpster of life.
Funny enough, on my parents’ house DVD adventures, I found two copies of the same DVD. They must have really liked it as well!

And wether you vote for it or not, I plan to watch it again anyway. Ha, I’m a free man!

I have never been able to watch it, but the western genre bores me to… sleep, at least.

First of all, thanks @Rock8man, for picking the Regiment’s colors up from the dirt and continuing the charge!

Secondly, I nominate this:

And you have homework. Win or lose watch it. It’s good.

I watched it again recently so I’m cheating, but I’d have tons of stuff to say!

Excellent film. And more relevant than ever.

  • The Good, The Bad and the Ugly
  • No Country for Old Men
  • Soylent Green

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This is my first time posting a poll, so hopefully I did it right.

Oh, crap, are nominations closed already? Sorry about that. Well, makes the voting decision easier. I’m tempted to vote TGTBATU as for a long time it was my favourite movie, but I think I’m going to go No Country For Old Men as I haven’t seen it since release and I feel it really deserves a rewatch.

Oh wow, I’ve seen all these movies. Weird month.

This month’s movie is The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly, ahead by one vote. Hopefully all of you will watch (or re-watch) the movie this week, and we’ll start spoiler-free discussion next Monday.

I’m looking forward to finally seeing it this week.

You can watch it on Starz’ streaming service. They have a 7 day free trial. Their monthly fee is $9 a month. You can rent it on all other digital stores for $3 as a rental, I believe.

By the way, I’m not sure which version the streaming services have, but bear in mind that recent disc releases have had the extended Italian cut with redubbed voices in the “new” scenes, rather than the original US theatrical cut.

Looks like everyone just has the 178 minute version of the film now.

From the wiki:

I wonder if you have access to the original 148 minute British print of the film.

My DVD is the remastered version, but I’ve mostly watched the shorter one, which I recorded off TV, probably at some point in the 90s. I suspect it’s the US version:

The gun shop is definitely in the versions I’ve seen (how could you cut that?).

So, um, I’m “listening” to the commentary for the first time and he thinks Angel Eyes is “Ugly”. WTF.

Commentary by whom? Ive never listened to either of them, but my DVD has commentaries by both Acclaimed Film Historian Richard Schickel and Noted Cultural Historian Christopher Frayling.


Like I say, I’m “listening” via subtitles, so it might be a subtitling/translation error. Hope so.