Quarter to Three Movie – March 2018 – Run Silent, Run Deep - Spoilers Allowed!


Your March Madness Championship!

All seeding was done by IMDB rating. Seeding ties were resolved by age of the film (older is higher). In the event of a tie in a game, a random method will chose the winner.

  • Seed 4 - The Dirty Dozen (1967). Robert Aldrich– Head Coach. Lee Marvin – Senior Power Forward. 7.8 Rating
  • Seed 6 - Run Silent, Run Deep (1958). Robert Wise – Head Coach. Burt Lancaster – Senior Power Forward. 7.4 Rating

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Your March Madness Champion!

Run Silent, Run Deep

No Spoliers until March 20



I’m really looking forward to this. I love submarine movies, so this one should be right up my alley.


I love submarine movies too! Imagine that.


Oh hey, I thought the name Robert Wise looked familiar. (This movie’s director). He directed The Sound of Music! And perhaps less impressively, Star Trek: The Motion Picture.


And The Haunting! And The Day the Earth Stood Still!


Dang, this one is proving to be a toughie to find: it’s got a very confidential weirdly named release, and no online service offer it, and dvds (that I don’t even have a mean to watch anymore) are other countries imports. There are versions on youtube… but dubbed in the way they were dubbed back then, it’s beyond horrible!
I should have voted for Kwai :O


The vudu link doesn’t work in Fromage-land?


Link works: it just won’t take my money. Xenophobia, I tell you!


I got the DVD in the player, I was all ready to watch it yesterday and then tonight, but my son really wanted my attention more than usual this last week, so no movie tonight either. I might have to watch this weekend instead. I’ve have a terribly annoying cold since Monday anyway, so it’ll be nice to see the movie with a clearer head.


Spoilers Allowed! Weapons Free!

I too have had a heck of a week and have been feeling poorly. I hope to watch this this weekend.


I got an email that my copy is in the mail, so should have it by the weekend too.