Quarter to Three YouTube Channel

It’s officially on the front page banner.

Subscribe, add to favorites, comment, have at it!

FYI, Tom livestreamed some Dark Souls III on Friday night and it was really cool watching him get drubbed by a boss while we all played Waldorf and Statler.

Was pretty hilarious watching him die 20 or 30 times. That’s the reason I don’t play those games, I would throw my mouse out the window.

Right on. Subscribed!

Tom cheats at Onirim: https://youtu.be/rf4n3Rczg4g?t=20m42s

(Sort of amusing, considering he’s just re-iterated that you can’t play a sun on a sun several times).


What has the world come to?


So it’s “PewDieTom” now?

(Seriously; long overdue I think.)

We are working on some cool stuff for the channel.

So how do you get to the live streaming stuff on the channel? Does it appear on the YT home page when there’s a stream? The gaming.youtube site which I was watching Dark Souls on the other day doesn’t let me navigate around without giving me an error.

Yeah Krok, that gaming youtube site is a nightmare to navigate. If you are a subscriber and Tom goes on, I think it does a notification. Either way, you just have to go to his channel to see his stream. Should be linked at top or somewhere like that.

Subscribed to Qt3 and Tom’s channel. Any others I should know about?

McMaster’s channel is pretty good too. Tom and McMaster have an epic set of The Division videos there.

So let it be written. So let it be done.

sub4sub! (i’m joking)

Looking forward to it!


Hope this is really successful and will be watching.


Subscribed! Folks, let’s get Qt3 500 users so they can have a custom channel name!

You guys should host the show wearing fezzes.

And when people ask why you’re wearing fezzes, just smile and say “YOU know.” And refuse to speak more about it.

When is Tom playing the game about dating tanks?

For a moment there, I thought you had said “feces” (because “feces” in my native language is “fezes”). I was about to say that such an idea was a bit too extreme, and then I noticed my mistake and what you were shooting for.

Ok, thanks for watching the “translation confusion” episode for today! I’ll be back eventually, because, you know, it’s bound to happen.

I think McMaster is the one into them, according to Tom. ;)