Quarterlies 2017! The Qt3 forum readers’ choice for the best game of 2017 is …


I don’t know how realistic this is, but this is the kind of thing I want to know to contextualise peoples picks. I tried to do this for my picks by giving some of the games I’d not played.


There are a lot of games I have not played but have watched as my kids played, should that count? Some games are fine watching because of the story and my kids consoles skills are 500% better than mine (so I actually get to see more of the game quicker than if I was playing)


Interesting… Seems a little surprising to have a platform exclusive win. If HZD were the only good game on PS4 all the PS4 owners would vote for it while the platforms with a breadth of offerings would see divided votes. Do these results imply something like:

Best PS4: HZD
Best Nintendo: Zelda
Best PC: Divinity
Best cross platform: Prey/XCom/Andromeda

Not that it matters, but interesting. Thanks for arranging this Brooski & Arrendek.


I absolutely think that you can watch someone play games and get basically as much out of it as you wood playing it. I played Oxenfree and watched A Night in the Woods, and am now firmly of the opinion that, for me, those games are better watched than played.

But when you talk about games where someone’s console skills are better than you, that sounds like your talking about a game where a significant amount of the experience is mechanical gameplay interaction. And for those games I think watching them is not enough, I have to feel the thing in my own hands.


Thanks @Brooski and @arrendek for your work on the Quarterlies. I love these forum GOTY events.

I’ve either played and liked or want to play 9 out of the top 10 games.

For numbers 11-20, this is true for 6 of them.


Theoretically, but doesn’t really apply this year. PS4 had a great year, as did the Switch and PC. Only console lacking on the games front was Xbox IMO. But just looking at PS4 I’d say these were all good to great games released on it in 2017 on PS4 loosely ordered in level of exclusivity. Horizon, Yakuza 0, Lost Legacy, Persona 5, Gravity Rush 2, Grand Tourismo Sport, Nioh, Nier, Hellblade, Nex Machina, What Remains of Edith Finch, Pyre, Resident Evil 7, Wolfenstein, Prey, Night in the Woods, etc.


Well, my top-ranked game came in in the top 20 (barely), so that’s how in tune I am with the zeitgeist. And a game I helped make came in 33rd, so thanks, @Enidigm, @divedivedive, and @Vesper!

Thanks, @Brooski and @arrendek, for the mad administration!


Fist bump other Race for #1 fan!

Granted, as I said, it was first by default for me. Being literally the only 2017 release I played.

Of course were there no impediment I would only add 5 more top 20 into my ‘want to play’ list.

Total Warhammer
Through the Ages

This should surprise literally no one who knows my tastes.


Proof that QT3 is the classiest place on the internet.


I won three games in a row on Hard this morning! I’m the king of the world!


This was as interesting as ever so thanks @Brooski for boldly taking the helm and @arrendek for your awesome automation!


Is this the first time a console exclusive took first place? In the past, it felt like voting for a console-only game was like throwing my vote away.


Huh. I think it might be, actually. Great observation.


Thanks for stepping up to run it this year guys (you’ve surely got enough notifications by now, yeah)! Glad the voters came to a reasonable decision ;)

My hot take observation: There were so many good games released in 2017 that you could randomly pick anything from our top 50 without going wrong. QT3 has always had some divergent tastes from the mainstream but I wonder if some of the surprising results were due to vote dilution – 155 games were nominated this year vs 114 games last year.


Boy, am I out of step. I never played any of those, let alone considered them for best of the year.


I am the same, but truth be told, have I had the hardware, I would gladly have given them a try.


I didn’t vote, because I didn’t even play 5 (much less 10) games from last year. But I am surprised that Mass Effect Andromeda beat out Assassin’s Creed Origins. Both were similar in trying to put a more open world on top of their formula, but although I liked ME:A a lot more than others, I thought AC:O pulled it off better, and it was actually, gameplay-wise, much closer to AC4:BF, but without the annoying tailing and eavesdropping missions.

And FTR, the reason I didn’t play many games released last year was because so much of my time was taken up by Witcher 3 and its expansions, as I finally played through everything. And I couldn’t vote for that… :)


Yeah my highest ranked game is in the high teens, with Age of Rivals, while the other two new games I played last year are ranked much lower. One only voted on by me and one other guy. Poor Tales of Berseria…


Oh, my bad. Forgot to vote.


@DaveLong will never forgive you, Mike!