Quarterlies 2018! The Qt3 forum readers’ choice for the best game of 2018 is ...

Every other game beat Agents of Mayhem last year. ;)

Battletech’s win is well deserved. Disappointed both Spider-man and God of War missed the list.

I’ve only played 3 in the top 10: Slay the Spire, Into the Breach, Rimworld - the first 2 I like a lot, not crazy about Rimworld.

Two others I own and plan on playing in the near future: Battletech, Subnautica

Four others I’d like to buy and play some day: Red Dead Redemption 2, AC Odyssey, Monster hunter World, Dead Cells

One that I probably wouldn’t be interested in: Dragon Quest XI

Marvel’s Spider-Man only got knocked out of the top 10 by Dead Cells with the very last vote, if I remember correctly.

Correction: looks like it was second or third to last vote. Or thereabouts.

I played Battletech, but got stuck on the plot mission where you have to - wait for it - protect a bunch of convoy trucks. Fucking protect missions, man. The worst.

After giving it about five tries I shelved it.

I really liked playing BattleTech at the time, and I voted for it, but my heart wasn’t into it. Bruce wisely didn’t quote me!

If anyone can’t seem to get into it, I wouldn’t bang your head against the wall forever.

The people that @Brooski did quote weren’t exactly effusive with their praise either.

Yeah, I’m way too lazy to do it but I’d like to see a comparison between the top 5 of how many each got voted #1, #2, etc. Battletech seems like it won on a preponderance of lower-down votes, although that’s an entirely subjective impression of mine.

“Battletech: It Was Pretty Ok, We Guess”

Careful with that! DQ games have that JRPG image stuck to them, while they are probably closer to classical CRPGs than you’d suspect. Disclaimer: haven’t had the luck to enjoy DQ11 yet.

That breakdown is in the original post. There’s a little chart that shows it.

Bah I forgot Everspace. Can we redo everything?

Seriously thanks Brooski, Arrendek and anyone else invovled in this. Lot of fun.

Ah, thanks. And yep, Subnautica did get more #1 votes, but not by as much as I imagined.

Battletech has all the elements I’m looking for in a game, and it’s well done, but I shelved it at some point. To me, it’s a plodding game, just too slow and heavy for my taste.

I noticed that, and I’m waiting to buy the game until it’s more deeply discounted. And this was Game of the Year.

So I put to the forum, was 2018 a strong or weak year for new releases compared to recent years?

I think 2018 was a fantastic year, but I’m usually looking at the indie scene, which was very vibrant this year.

2018 was a fantastic year, which I think helps a game like Battletech here at QT3 - it fits the demographic well and powered up the rankings by sheer volume of votes. Spider-Man and God of War - two excellent games by all accounts - if I had to guess, were underrepresented because this is a primarily PC gaming forum, and any Sony contingent may have split votes between the two (as an aside - sorry for knocking you out of the top 10 Spider-Man; I’m sure I’ll love the game and it’s sitting on my shelf but I haven’t cracked it open yet).

I also think that with so many great games releasing this year, that there are plenty here who haven’t had the time to sink into something that would slot into their top 5 (and that choosing only 5 games from such a long list is really hard). I’m guilty of that with both Spider-Man and God of War.

There are probably exceptions, but I feel like we’re on at least 10-15 years worth of every year being a fantastic one for new releases. Maybe more. I can’t remember a single year since I’ve been involved with the hobby enough to buy new games where I haven’t struggled to keep up with everything I wanted to play and been really impressed by big chunks of what I did play.

Wait, that was this year, too? Man, I really flubbed my own lists. What is it about space games that I develop a blind spot at the end of the year??? Space Tyrant, Deep Sixed, and now Everspace. Boo, me.


Same for Forza Horizon 4. I felt it deserved a higher place in the rankings. It’s such a joy to travel the world throughout the cycling seasons. But the bad reputation of the Windows store and it being Xbox only on console likely didn’t help.

Nope, Everspace came out May 2017.