Quarterlies 2018! The Qt3 forum readers’ choice for the best game of 2018 is ...


Thanks @Brooski and @arrendek for organizing this. I love it.


I knew Battletech had good chances, the title appeared a lot in your votes… pity, as I dropped the game at some point, I didn’t like it especially.

Oh well, at least Subnautica came close.


Thank you sirs for organizing and analyzing this.

Sadface that all those HOTAS’es that got bought for Elite and Star Citizen (snigger) didnt get used to drive F/A-18s or Spitfires in VR.
Because that’s also pretty much a beardy nerdman’s late 80s dream come true if you ask me.


Whoa, I never would have guessed it would be Battletech. Gratz, Battletech! Now I guess I have to knuckle down and get through more of it.



Everyone loves a good end of game turn summary. :D


Warhammer 40,000 Gladius really needs to build more villagers.



The top ten list is a testament to the fact that more people need to play Overload.

I have a free copy of Subnautica but haven’t installed it yet because it sounded like a swimming simulator, so I guess I’ll give it a shot. Maybe I’ll finish Alien: Isolation first though.

And I guess I have to give Battletech another shot, it wasn’t grabbing me in the early missions. But with results like this I’m obligated to power through to the juicy stuff! I bought it based on unanimously great word of mouth here, and I’m positive I won’t be let down.

Now I can’t wait to find out if Slay the Spire moves up or down on next year’s list after it’s released. It could very well end up the top GotY after this year’s practice run during its early access period. I can’t wait to play something that has even a small chance of challenging it for that top spot in 2019, because that game would have to be stellar.


May I say I love the colour scheming of your document.


I am thoroughly deeply amused by and happy over the fact that a super traditional, charming, and decidedly not PC strategy esque JRPG cracked the top ten. Dragon Quest is a fine, FINE game, and I’m really happy so many of y’all got to play it!

Thanks to our organizers and to all the voters; that thread cost me a lot of money in the Steam sale…


Thanks for arranging this @arrendek and @Brooski . There is still a fundamental issue with these rankings where generally the games released earlier in the year have a much better chance of ranking higher because people have actually played them. This year #1 & #2 were released in January and April respectively. I’m really looking forward to some sort of future poll where people vote for their best game in the last 5/10/15 years. This would be a truer guide as to what the hive mind’s actual opinion is.


Well, won’t you have the same issue that 5 year old games will have seen more circulation and gametime than a 3 month old game? Whereas the more recent game will benefit from being fresh in everyones minds. So no timeframe will be objectively better or 100% conclusive…


Yes to some extent, it’s hard to get this right. Maybe run the quarterlies in July for the previous year.


If RDR2 released on PC last year it would probably have won. It shot itself in the foot. :(

Guess I have to make time for Battletech!


That is a surprise, I didn’t see that much enthusiasm for Battletech. Congrats to Hairebrained.


Thanks for organizing the vote, these are always fun! (Am I allowed to use fun in this context?)


Great job on doing all the work for this. Battletech winning surprised me too, I will have to dust it off the backlog list. It was interesting seeing all the different games QT3er’s like in 2018.


Why? We’re (almost) all old neckbearded 40somethings here? BATTLETECH sits smackdab right in the middle of our demographic. It’s slow and simmy and full of that extra spicy nostalgia sauce that sells so well. Of course we love it! I know I did :D


Thanks. I do lots of UI work so it’s good to know some of the color scheme stuff I’ve used has rubbed off on me.


Great summary, Bruce. And Well done with the back-end, Arrendek. Those top two contenders seem like great choices (although I haven’t tried Battletech yet).

Shocked to see Dragon Quest in there! I don’t really know anything about it, but it’s exciting to see something different.

Happy to see quite a few indies on the list, but my biggest disappointment is that Return of the Obra Dinn didn’t crack the top ten. It’s done well on quite a few best-of lists. I think it’s extraordinary and hope more people play it. That means you, @tomchick!


I’ve only skipped it because it looks like a TI-85 BASIC game, and I have standards, dammit!