Quarterlies 2018! The Qt3 forum readers’ choice for the best game of 2018 is ...


Thanks. I do lots of UI work so it’s good to know some of the color scheme stuff I’ve used has rubbed off on me.


Great summary, Bruce. And Well done with the back-end, Arrendek. Those top two contenders seem like great choices (although I haven’t tried Battletech yet).

Shocked to see Dragon Quest in there! I don’t really know anything about it, but it’s exciting to see something different.

Happy to see quite a few indies on the list, but my biggest disappointment is that Return of the Obra Dinn didn’t crack the top ten. It’s done well on quite a few best-of lists. I think it’s extraordinary and hope more people play it. That means you, @tomchick!


I’ve only skipped it because it looks like a TI-85 BASIC game, and I have standards, dammit!


It’s one of the best looking games of the year! You have seen it in motion, right?


Well, now I have. I just saw a review.


I thought it might occasionally distract me, but I no longer thought about it 5 minutes after starting the game.


I guess why it surprised me’ although right in my wheelhouse being turn-based’ it didn’t grab me when I played it. It could be I was never into the BattleTech universe when it came out back in the day. To be fair I didn’t give it a long enough look and do plan to revisit it. Us 50somethings are wise enough (sometimes) to listen to you youngsters :)


I’ve played 3 of the games in the top 20, 4 are in my backlog, and 6 are on my wishlist. More potential backlog in the future, then.


Battletech winning didn’t shock me, but I was surprised Spider-Man didn’t finish in the top ten.


That surprises me too. I mean, I didn’t play it, but it looked like a lot of fun.


Platform exclusives – especially Playstation ones – are underrepresented here. Spider-Man and Red Dead Redemption got a bum deal. How did that Hunger Games Girl vs Robot Dinosaurs game do here? I imagine it had the same problem getting votes here.



On the contrary, Horizon: Zero Dawn (or was it Horizon Zero: Dawn?) won the 2017 Quarterlies. But it came out earlier in the year, so it had hit bargain prices by Thanksgiving, and a lot more people had tried it.


It beat Agents of Mayhem? I feel like I don’t know you people any more.



Every other game beat Agents of Mayhem last year. ;)


Battletech’s win is well deserved. Disappointed both Spider-man and God of War missed the list.


I’ve only played 3 in the top 10: Slay the Spire, Into the Breach, Rimworld - the first 2 I like a lot, not crazy about Rimworld.

Two others I own and plan on playing in the near future: Battletech, Subnautica

Four others I’d like to buy and play some day: Red Dead Redemption 2, AC Odyssey, Monster hunter World, Dead Cells

One that I probably wouldn’t be interested in: Dragon Quest XI


Marvel’s Spider-Man only got knocked out of the top 10 by Dead Cells with the very last vote, if I remember correctly.

Correction: looks like it was second or third to last vote. Or thereabouts.


I played Battletech, but got stuck on the plot mission where you have to - wait for it - protect a bunch of convoy trucks. Fucking protect missions, man. The worst.

After giving it about five tries I shelved it.


I really liked playing BattleTech at the time, and I voted for it, but my heart wasn’t into it. Bruce wisely didn’t quote me!

If anyone can’t seem to get into it, I wouldn’t bang your head against the wall forever.


The people that @Brooski did quote weren’t exactly effusive with their praise either.