Quarterlies 2019! The Qt3 forum readers' choice for best game of 2019 is ...

Damn, I can never participate in these votes because it seems I’m always a year behind. Control must be that freaky office one everyone was talking about.

I’ve never even HEARD of Disco Elysium.

I’m curious if the “released this year” restriction impacts this, as the console generations get longer in the tooth, and people have bigger backlogs, and maybe there weren’t as many must-play AAA titles released this year? And also, maybe everybody is getting old and can’t be bothered keeping up with new games.

I didn’t vote since I never play much the year it’s released. I’m also bad at ranking things.

This was probably the first year I didn’t play a game released this year so I didn’t get a vote!

Reasons? Work, busier social life, enjoying old/older games like Dominions 5, Everquest, Classic WoW for a while, Perpetuum project server, etc. You get the idea.

In the Gamers with Jobs game of the year poll, you can vote for any game that was new to you that year. It works pretty well.

I am surprised Slay The Spire ranked so high this year, as I feel there was more discussion in 2018 when it was in early access , than in 2019.

Slightly surprised and genuinely happy about Disco Elysium - I really loved it but I could easily see people bouncing off it just as strongly: the vividly introspective writing is slightly unusual for videogames, and the game is nearly all about the writing. (It looked fantastic as well, even down to the beautiful title screen.)

Looking forward to trying Control if/when it makes its rumoured appearance on Game Pass.

Control should hit Steam and Gamepass this year.

Wild. I played all but two games on that top 10 list. Of the 8 games I did play, the ranking here is almost identical to what I’d have put them at, with a few minor exceptions.

What this data is really telling me is that I should play Control and Outer Wilds, I guess.

Of those that I tried on the top list of 2019 here, I only enjoyed Fire Emblem: Three houses. I do own Disco, Slay, Star WArs and Rebel Galaxy but found them all to be not to my liking.

I think I only played 2 games released in 2019, Out of the Park 2020 and Slay the Spire, so I didn’t vote.

Slay the Spire is fascinating - I didn’t vote for it this year because I put it #1 on my list last year, and didn’t think it appropriate to double-dip.

It would have been #1 on my list this year if I had voted for it.

I don’t agree with that method. It’s fine if all you want to do is highlight what people played. That’s not at all a forum readers’ choice award for the best game of 2019.

If less people are participating, that means there were less people buying games, which correlates with NPD sales data tbh. This console generation has dragged on way too long and there was no Red Dead Redemption 2 level of release in 2019.

From NPD…

The gaming industry saw contraction in all of its main spending categories. Hardware took the biggest hit. Fans have begun holding off in anticipation of the next generation. But software and accessories also declined.

“November 2019 tracked spending across video game hardware, software, accessories, and game cards totaled $2.3 billion, declining 19 percent when compared to a year ago,” NPD analyst Mat Piscatella said. “Year-to-date spending has fallen 12 percent when compared to 2018, to $11.6 billion.”

It’s worth noting that 2019 was about even with 2018 until October. That’s when the comparison to Red Dead Redemption 2 comes into play.

If you’re polling for reasons why folks may not have voted, personally I’m just less interested in stack ranked lists as time goes on. I’d rather read about one game that someone may have strong feelings about than a context-free list of stuff they played that year. But I recognize that as usual, I am probably an outlier in that regard.

My gaming gets more and more unstuck in time as I get older. With the exception of a few flagship releases (like ES VI if it ever comes out, or Cyberpunk) I’m not particularly motivated to pounce on new releases as opposed to older games I haven’t played yet but have reason to believe will be interesting. Heck, even the graphics treadmill isn’t what it used to be. Witcher III and Wolfenstein New Order still look pretty great to me, and those are five- and six-year-old games.

Funnily, the one ‘new’ release of 2019 that I was all over and immediately got into, was World of Warcraft Classic. Isn’t it ironic, dontcha think?

That’s very much just my personal situation, though. My finances are also pretty tight, which encourages me to wait for games to drop more than 50% in price, which is likelier when they’re at least a year or two old.

Outside of your last line, I think that fits with what I said above though. Last year was a crappy year for new releases that generated real buzz. You note Cyberpunk 2077, which I bet most of this forum will play, and next year voting numbers will be up, because that game and whatever hits for new consoles in November are going to get people back into playing new videogames.

I am notorious for following Qt3 hype trends into spending gaming money I’ll never fully recoup in hours played. See my purchase of Rebel Galaxy Outlaw :-D

I’m going to throw in my annual grumble that restricting the list to what was released in a given year is arbitrary and increasingly pointless in a world where Early Access is a thing. It seems silly to me that Slay the Spire is in the top 10 for both this year and last year.

Personally, I’d like to remove the “released this year” restriction. Yeah, you’d get random single votes for years-old games, but that would more accurately reflect the games that people defined their year by, and I don’t think it’d actually affect the top 10 meaningfully, as high-quality new releases would still have the most overlap.

Anyway, grumble over, carry on!

Yeah, for me it is simply I played exactly one game that got nominated this year. Terraforming Mars. Which is a reflection of several factors, none of which are reflecting a disinterest in games released.

I just simply doubt I even played 100 hours of video games this year.

I guess I disagree, although I’m OK with it either way. I agree it wouldn’t necessarily be an award for the best game released 2019, but I’d argue that it more accurately reflects what people think is the best game in 2019. It also handles the nebulous release dates of early access better as someone else mentioned.

The beauty is we can have both :-)
I like the ranked lists. It can sometimes point out games that I didn’t really pay attention to that maybe I should. Or, sometimes it’s just fun routing for a game I like to be recognized by a larger group.

I’m not asking anybody to change anything based on my wishes. I’m telling the folks who run the Quarterlies where my interests lie. It doesn’t bother me at all that stuff like this exists, I understand most people like them. I’ll just go off and do my own thing.