Quarterlies 2019! The Qt3 forum readers' choice for best game of 2019 is ...

I’m going to throw in my annual grumble that restricting the list to what was released in a given year is arbitrary and increasingly pointless in a world where Early Access is a thing. It seems silly to me that Slay the Spire is in the top 10 for both this year and last year.

Personally, I’d like to remove the “released this year” restriction. Yeah, you’d get random single votes for years-old games, but that would more accurately reflect the games that people defined their year by, and I don’t think it’d actually affect the top 10 meaningfully, as high-quality new releases would still have the most overlap.

Anyway, grumble over, carry on!

Yeah, for me it is simply I played exactly one game that got nominated this year. Terraforming Mars. Which is a reflection of several factors, none of which are reflecting a disinterest in games released.

I just simply doubt I even played 100 hours of video games this year.

I guess I disagree, although I’m OK with it either way. I agree it wouldn’t necessarily be an award for the best game released 2019, but I’d argue that it more accurately reflects what people think is the best game in 2019. It also handles the nebulous release dates of early access better as someone else mentioned.

The beauty is we can have both :-)
I like the ranked lists. It can sometimes point out games that I didn’t really pay attention to that maybe I should. Or, sometimes it’s just fun routing for a game I like to be recognized by a larger group.

I’m not asking anybody to change anything based on my wishes. I’m telling the folks who run the Quarterlies where my interests lie. It doesn’t bother me at all that stuff like this exists, I understand most people like them. I’ll just go off and do my own thing.

I didn’t get the impression you were, so sorry if my comment made it seem that way.

I like these kind of lists because they can tell me what games I didn’t try out this year that I can look into over the next year. I wouldn’t mind a category where people voted for the game they played/enjoyed the most in a calendar year, regardless of a release date, because that would be interesting information as well and probably serve roughly the same purpose.

I’m specifically interested in what people on this forum think because I think people here are mostly (obviously I’m sure there are exceptions) mid-30’s+ which is not what you are going to find on most Reddit gaming threads, for example. So Qt3 generally gives me a perspective more aligned with my own on games.

Yeah, I think some mix of rules loosening on eligible games to vote and/or pushing back the Quarterlies voting back a few months may help with participation.

I suspect relatively few members buy games around release date and instead wait for a sale to try the game instead, which means the average Qt3er won’t have played the major 2019 games until mid 2020. Speaking for myself, I picked up DMC5 a few months back on sale but have yet to try it, so it wasn’t up for consideration at all.

I mean we have the “Game of the Month” threads where people just list what they played regardless of release date. Get the algorithm to trawl those threads if people want to know what has been simmering in the QT3 zeitgeist for the last 12 months.

The Quarterlies are the best games of that year. Having a game like RDR2 win year after year because lots of people are playing it and it’s popular would make the awards completely redundant. (I think allowing early access was a big mistake as it is - but I have made my peace with it).

I very rarely buy a game before it goes to at least 33% off. I’ll wait till 50% if it’s a game I suspect I’ll enjoy but not love.

I mean I’ll day one purchase stuff like Cyberpunk and ES6 like I suspect a good many people will, and games I have a continued interest in I day one purchase the DLC for, but this is a very tiny number of titles.

So yea, I’m just agreeing there is a ton of stuff from 2019 I haven’t even played yet that I’ve got on the list.

Just want to drop a link to the planning thread for the games of the decade vote coming up:

That’s why you can only nominate games the year you first play them.

That doesn’t stop a game winning multiple years.

So you’ve established a down side of making such a change yet the issue that started this conversation remains.

I guess that doesn’t bother me. I just don’t see it as something that will be a chronic problem. It may happen once in a while, but I don’t think there will be enough games that keep drawing in enough new players each year that also want to put it in their top 10 or top 5. Gamers With Jobs does it this way and it’s not an issue.

Thanks @Brooski and @arrendek for doing this. You guys rock! I’m also totally getting disco elysium now.

Dang it, I never got to vote because I never saw the original post (not that it would’ve changed anything though).

We probably should have asked one of the admins to pin the post to the top of the forum. We should make sure that happens for the GOTDecade thread. They are really good at pinning things!

hey @admin, get off you lazy butt and get to the pinning boy!

Then go vote at Gamers with Jobs. This isn’t that place.

I do. There is nothing wrong with me sharing my opinion. Sometimes you’re an ass.