Quarterlies 2019! The Qt3 forum readers' choice for best game of 2019 is ...

I don’t know if it would be easier to do it in the same poll or a different one. My guess is a separate one so the script could work the same way as it does now without modification.

Well done!

I can spend some time to do the script however people want it. I’m also down for running more votes.

That’s sort of how it is at Broken Forum with a LTTP vote and a “yeah I’m still playing this” vote.

Sort of, but these would be ranked and scored like the top 5 are.

Lets see, the year I voted for one game, and it was an iOS board game port.

I have played a few more games since. And by few, I mean two. Breath of the Wild would be a game I would play if I had a Switch though.

But Xcom 2 and BSG Deadlock were 2019 play starts for me.

I am not sure what @robc04 's poisition was, but I am against what ever he chose, because he seems to dislike Anno games. :)

Hey now, we have a lot more games in common than not …
Well there’s … um… I don’t like hidden object games…um…not a fan of idle clickers…I have trouble looking at pixel graphics… well there’s…The Witcher 3!!! I found something!!!

More seriously, I usually enjoy maybe 10 hours of a new Anno game then I get tired of it.

You’re a good egg lordkosc :-)

Indeed my fellow good egg. And you keep buying and trying the Anno games, so that counts for something! :)


Maybe the titles should be a ‘living’ and the best game of 2017 say could still change if enough votes come in over time.

Game of the Year X, so far.

This seems really easily solvable.

Continue to have the Quarterlies be the favorite game released each year.

Add another, separate award for favorite game of the year, which is time-unlimited. Since, you know, this forum lets us create multiple topics and stuff. ;-)

Hear hear!

This is the sensible option, I’d say. Everybody gets what they want!

Somebody has to be interested in running it though, I assume it takes quite a bit of time to set up a poll and then manage it.

Ok, I WAS on your side but now I have to ask what the hell is wrong with you!!!


Well, I think I’ve only played one, so maybe there are some good ones out there 😀

Hero of the Kingdom series, cough.

I like @DennyA’s idea of retaining the current Quarterlies but adding a new category for game-of-the-year that isn’t time-limited.

I’m happy with this year’s results. Disco was my #2 game, and my #1 computer game. (I listed the boardgame Wingspan as my #1, because, well, I enjoyed it the most.)

My theory about turnout: this was sort of an off year for games. I had trouble choosing once I got past my first couple picks.

Me too. I didn’t say anything again because @Jason_McMaster said the same thing above. Denny probably just didn’t see it.