Quarterlies 2022! The Qt3 forum readers’ choice for best game of 2022 is …

Well I, for one, am glad that Elden Ring has had its plaudits and now we don’t need to hear anything more about it for the year of 2024!

(Kidding, kidding. I love that people were so blown away by something this year. Sounds like an all-timer.)

Thank you, Bruce!

Thanks! I love these end of year votes!

Cheers Bruce! Always interesting to see what folk place in their top 5 each year!

I’m old, I don’t do ARPG (let alone MMO) any more. I hate PvP. I had avoided all of the ‘soulsbourne’ games like the plague based I what I’d heard.

But the lure of ‘open world’ and ‘GRRM’ was too strong and I gambled. Within a month, I’d purchased a new gaming rig to do it justice. Within six I’d put more hours into it than my job.

  1. The year I got gud. Thanks for the ride, Elden Ring. I’m only waiting now for a big DLC update so I can love you all over again.

It’s always fun to see the results and read everyone’s comments. I guess I should try Elden Ring at some point!

Thanks for running this again in 2022 Bruce!

What the hell?! Elden Ring!? What even is that?


I’ll probably never play it, but one year when it’s going for under $10, I may grab it just to see what the fuss was all about.

I’m happy Pentiment made it to the top 10. The only game on there that I played and had on my list, despite my issues with how it ended.

Sadly, this year’s top 10 probably has the fewest games that I’ll ever have an interest in playing out of all those in recent memory (last year’s list was probably the top for that).

Thanks again, @Brooski!

I have little doubt that some day in the future when I have a rig that can run it I’ll buy it on sale, play it a little, get really excited about the open world, run into a boss fight (or, since it’s open, a variety of boss fights) that I can’t get past with a reasonable (to me) amount of time and effort, quit, uninstall, and refund.

Wow, so this is the first time since 2017 that a AAA game has won the vote (Horizon Zero Dawn won five years ago). And Vampire Survivors may be the “most indie” game ever to rank! Fascinating year.

And I still can’t run it! I don’t know if it’s a bad port or if my PC is just that archaic. I own it, I really want to play it, but it brings my machine straight to its knees in a way that brand new games don’t.

Thanks for the work, Brooski.

Neat to see a hardcore gamers’ game as #1, with a most casual of casual games as #2.

Tough break for Vampire Survivors. It had enough votes to win a couple years, but had to settle for the silver medal.

Thanks for keeping the tradition alive @Brooski

I had to look up Vampire Survivors to see why I hadn’t heard about it. Except I had. I had put it on my ignore list on Steam when it popped up in a queue, which is the only time I’ve ever added anything to the ignore list.

Impressions from gameplay footage, I suspect. So chaotic.

Why is Slay the Spire listed in both 2018 and 1019?

The original card game was released in 1019, and then the digital version came out in 2018 (or late 2017 technically) in Early Access, and then the full version in 2019. It was also released on iOS in 2020 and eligible again. And in 2021 for Android and eligible again.

Not really.

It’s as simple as “Early access” in 2018, and “1.0 release” in 2019 (as well as release on PS4, XBone, and Switch in 2019 as well.)

The physical card game conversion of the videogame is in the works, but hasn’t been released yet. The digital game was first.

Early Access games were allowed in 2018 I believe. They were not allowed later. So Slay the Spire snuck through when it went full.

It’s like the new extra point distance or the new goal crease. Sometimes stuff changes and all we can do is raise a helpless fist to the skies.

The top games from the last five years are all worthy choices.

Great post, thanks.

Also, damn I forgot to vote in this. My number 1 would have been elden ring though haha.

Thanks for MC’ing!