Question about blog aggregators

Until recently, I used the Gawker Hybrid, which would mash together my favorite Gawker blogs together into one blog. It was a pretty cool feature, but Gawker killed it right after the password problem that arose a few weeks ago. They’re not planning to bring it back.

I know about RSS aggregators, but I’m wondering if any of them allow you to basically combine several blogs into one, like the Hybrid did, rather than just putting several individual blogs on the same page.

Thanks for any ideas you might have for this RSS ignoramus…

I’m not quite sure what you are looking for, but with Google Reader you can put a bunch of blogs into a single folder, and then view a merged feed for everything in the folder. That sounds kind of like what you are looking for.

Ooh, yeah, it does. I have Google Reader set up, but I didn’t know about the merged feed thing. Thanks.