Question about buying a Macbook Air

I want to grab a MB Air tomorrow for my parents but I also want to be able to get tge student discount. I’m planning on stopping at an Apple Store tomorrow but I’m wondering if simply showing my student card will be sufficient to get the student discount or do you need to purchase online for that. Anyone know?

You’re fine, just show your student ID or provide a student email address.

I bought a laptop in person a couple of years ago when I was a student. I didn’t have a student ID, just gave them my school email address. They didn’t even check it as far as I know.

If you lie to them they will send their goons to beat you up.

That’s fine. For a few years I still had my undergrad ID from 5 years ago and I’d use that. They looked at my ID and a photo ID to make sure I didn’t grab someone else’s ID but that was it.

I’m in a master’s program now so I just use that one.