Question about component cables

Okay, so I’ve been hooking everything up with component cables to take advantage of my HDTV and I have a question about the cables I’m using.

Is there any difference between a) the cables with the red and white jacks for audio and the yellow jack for video, and b) the component cables with blue, green, and red jacks? For instance, if I have some extra red/white/yellows laying around, am I missing out on anything if I use them to connect component outs to component ins? The “guts” of these cables are the same, right?


Essentially, yes. A cable is just a cable. If you use a particularly cheapo one, you might see some signal degradation, but if it looks of a ‘regular’ gauge, you should be fine.

Composite cables (the old red, white yellow) can work with component jacks. But usually they’ll look really crappy, cause, they are crappy cables. It’s easy to test.

Component cables do have some physical specs they require (i think something like 75 ohm resistance.

Generic component cables cost about $7 at for three feet. The nice premium ones cost ~$50 at bluejeanscable.

Can’t tell the difference between the two of them when I plug it in. Good enough for me.

I do suggest get sets of shortest cables you need and a spare long set of cables. Long cables get heavy, are a pain to route, and excert pressure over time on the jacks.

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You know this may be the only section where people don’t chew all over each other and call each other morons.

That’s because when it comes to hardware, we’re all morons.

I would suggest this place called for cables. I ordered what would have been about $400 worth of cables at a Best Buy for $40 shipped from mono price and they are good quality cables. They have good resellerrating feedback as well.

– Xaroc

Yeah I was going to suggest that place as well. Their stuff looks to be top notch and they have great prices on stuff.

Man, I really wish I had known about that back in the day. thanks for the tip.

Wow. That was a market someone really needed to explode. Thanks for the tip!

No problem. I just found the place myself not too long ago and I love it, just ordered another $30 worth of cables and connectors today.

– Xaroc