Question about fragmentation in Windows XP

Whenever I defragment my hard drive I’m always at 1% total fragmentation and 3% file fragmentation. I can’t get below that. Is this cause for concern?

Not really… 1% of what though?

That’s normal.

Do you mean drive size? It’s two 74 GB Raptors in RAID 0.

It’s normal to always have fragmentation?

Indeed. Fragmentation is a fact of life. Windows XP usually manages to keep it under 5%. I’ve never seen an XP drive fragmented more than that, even after months of constant use. Even at that level the utility usually claims that there’s no need to defragment.

The whole concept of third party defrag tools is a solution without a problem for most people.

MT - never seen one over 5% ? . I should have sent you screenshots. For the last few days all I’ve been doing is degragging. The highest was 37% on my 100 gig partition ( which is now down to 4.7% ).

69% on my game drive (60 gigs) and over 70% on my C: drive
(old 16 gig with 8GB+ free most of the time).

Holy crap!

What the heck are you guys doing?

Or more importantly what aren’t I is doing?


I guess you guys aren’t most people.


Nope. I’m a unique snowflake.
(That, and creating DVD images from edited movies may have something
to do with it ;) )

I actually don’t know what causes mine to frag so much. I have an 8 gig partition purely for DVD backups, which I don’t mind getting fragged because the data is deleted and over written. I also have a page file partition which is 0.0% fragmented.

I’ve managed to get the 100 gig partition down to defragging between 30 seconds to 3 minutes depending on what I’ve been doing before that. :P

You beat me with your 69%, but 67% fragmentation on a 92% full drive really slows things down. It’s hard to even defrag at that point.

While we’re on the subject, does anyone know of a free defragger for XP that defrags and consolidates space like the old 95 one used to do?

I’m not quite sure what the use of defragmenting is when it leaves all these annoying blocks hither and yon which windows XP then fills up the next time I install/download, which, of course, leads to fragmentation.