Question about Madden 2004 (GameCube version)

Okay, I’ve been playing Madden 2004 here and there with friends and whatnot, and I have 2 question:

  1. About 3 or 4 times in any game I play versus my friends (I haven’t played a game against the computer yet so I don’t know if it has the same problem), when I run with my running back up the middle, as I near the yellow 1st down marker, the game suddenly slows down, going down to like 10 FPS, for like 1 or 2 seconds, and then it goes back to full-speed again. Has anyone else experienced this, and why is this happening??? I hope it’s not a bug…

  2. I am playing with another friend and we’re deep in the 4th quarter, and the game suddenly called a Timeout for me… I didn’t want that, how do I disable the computer calling my Timeouts and whatnot?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Looking at #2… when this happens is there an injury? A team gets charged with a Time Out (if they have one) if there’s an injury on the field.

No, this happens regardless (I think). I’ll go back and check again, but I am pretty sure it happens even when there isn’t an injury.

I never noticed the slow down playing GC Madden 2004. Might just be a particular set of circumstances causing it. It’s still slow down though and it still sucks.


Yeah, I am still trying to figure out what is causing it.

Maybe Jim Preston can shed some light on this? :)