Question about police/law enforcement in Sweden

So I came across this minimaly translated video from a police chase in Sweden last summer that apparently (according to the uploader summary) caused some debate about police chases there.

At any rate, what struck me as surprising was early on when the unmarked camera car occupants debate trying to pull the guy over near a McDonalds in the city because they are apparently very uncomfortable with the fact that there are bunch of motorcycles parked in front of it. It did not occur to me that in a country with a relatively (compared to the US) low crime rate would have those kinds of issues, where police are afraid to arrest/confront suspects in a city because bikers might be nearby.

So maybe someone can fill me in?

As for the video itself, the police car only is close to the speeding bike for the first 20 minutes or so and the rest is them trying to catch up until they come across the crash scene (long after other responders) sometime later where the bike crashed and the driver died.

It’s a scale, Sarkus. They have a lot less of it in the Nordic countries, generally, but it does exist. (Then there are people like the mayor of Malmö, who has basically invited anti-Semites to run free against the local Jewish community, and they are)