Question about the 360 Tracker

Hi folks. In the old Xbox 360 thread, a lot of people pointed out a useful utility called the Xbox 360 tracker that determined when Best Buy and Circuit City stores had 360s in their area. So even though I wasn’t really interested in getting a 360 yet, I downloaded the app to see how it worked, and because I was curious to see how often the app said 360s were available.

Well, in the two months or so that I’ve been firing up this thing (fairly irregularly), it has gone off 3 times. In the previous 2 times, it had 360s “in stock” for about 3 days or so before they were out of stock again.

Well, the latest time was this morning, apparently all the local Best Buys have 360s “in stock” in the Seattle area. I checked last night, and the app did not have them “in Stock”.

Which means they are getting them this morning?!? How is that possible? No one delivers on Sunday right? Not USPS, not UPS, not FedEx. So how can they be in stock today?

Is it perhaps warning me in advance that they’re going to be getting them on Monday when UPS/FedEx/whatever can deliver them? Or do Best Buy have their own delivery trucks like Walmart?

So it an advance warning? Or is it a lagging warning, i.e., they had them in Stock on Friday, and they might be sold out by now? Anyone with experience with the 360 tracker know the answer to this one?

If you do, please hurry. Best Buy opens at 11am here on the West Coast, and after playing Oblivion obsessively by taking turns at my friend’s place these last few days, I’m seriously considering getting a 360.

Or do Best Buy have their own delivery trucks like Walmart?


Also I have noticed that the App doesnt always go off when they have them instock.

Also, sometimes it shows them in stock, but when you call you are told they are not for sale as yet. That happened to me, with a Circuit City.

I got my 360 by accident; I walked into Target one day and they happened to have one, so I snapped it up.

It’s also possible that Best Buy doesn’t put their 360’s into their online DB until they actually make them available in the store - IE they saved up a week or two worth of shipments to match the Sunday flier they sent out.