Question for any Hyundai sedan owners out there

I bought a 2023 Sonata SEL Hybrid last September, and my only problem with it so far is that whenever we get an appreciable amount of rain, the left rear door collects water behind the seal and when you open the door it gushes out. Now I’ve never let enough collect in there so that it goes over the sill and wets the carpet or anything but still. None of the other doors have this problem. Apparently it’s a known issue (I did an internet search and got a couple of hits) but I don’t know if there’s a permanent fix for it.

So for any late model Sonata (and maybe other Hyundai owners), have you experienced something like this?

Let me help:

Call the dealer you bought the car from.

Yes, I plan to bring it up with them as well, since they’re on the hook to fix it (if it’s fixable-- sometimes dealership service departments don’t have a go-to fix for these things, or pretend they don’t because they don’t want to bother with it). I just wanted to see if there were any Qt3 experiences.

I’ve had Hyundais and Kias for quite a while and been pretty happy with them all. The only real issue is the Kia dealer near us is pretty bad (like many Kia dealers). But the Hyundai dealer is really good. To the point we’re probably going to take our Kia to them from now on. Granted, the Kia we have is a 2016 Sedona Minivan with almost 150k miles on it. So we’re not putting a lot into it.

Our daughter drives a 2018 Hyundai Tucson and it’s been great so far (got it used a couple of years ago).

Sounds like your main issue is going to be the dealer’s service department so that’s a crapshoot. Like I said, one we use is really good, the other is pretty bad.